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NOUN   a sunset clause | sunset clauses
sunset clause
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sunset clause
Auslaufklausel {f}law
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  • The Act contained a sunset clause which stated that the Act would expire on 31 December 2009 (although Parliament could authorise extensions of 12 months at a time).
  • The parties can unilaterally decide to terminate the treaty at any time, against a notification to the other party, but in this BIT there is also the “sunset clause” which guarantees that all investment made prior to the termination of the treaty continues to be protected during a certain period of time, most of the time 5, 10 or 20 years.
  • The Commission is funded by Health Canada and has a ten-year mandate (from 2007 to 2017) enforced through a sunset clause.
  • In September 2004, the assault weapon ban expired, with its sunset clause.
  • A compromise was eventually agreed, involving annual reviews of the law rather than a full sunset clause.
  • So a "sunset clause" was put in the bill. The Electronic Communications Act 2000 gave the Home Office the power to create a registration regime for encryption services.
  • Combined, these provide not only protection against government's domination of domestic discourse, but a "sunset clause" for governmental activities that Rep.
  • 3% sales tax with no sunset clause.
  • This "transfer" legislation may have a "sunset clause", a legislative provision that nullifies the transfer of power after a specified period, at which point the original division of power is restored.
  • Following the end of his governorship, Brown's successor, Governor George Deukmejian, signed legislation to eliminate the CCC's sunset clause by making it a permanent department under the California Resources Agency in 1983.
  • In public policy, a sunset provision or sunset clause is a measure within a statute, regulation or other law that provides for the law to cease to be effective after a specified date, unless further legislative action is taken to extend it.
  • In December 2022, Tory asked the provincial government to amend the legislation to include a sunset clause after his term ends in 2026.
  • demand for a sunset clause that would end the agreement in five years, unless the three countries agreed to keep it in place, a provision U.S.
  • The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR) was created by the Australian Parliament under the "Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Act 1991" and was funded with a sunset clause till 2001.
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