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NOUN   a superlative | superlatives
SYNO greatest | sterling | superlative | ...
superlative {adj}hervorragend
superlative {adj}höchst
superlative {adj}äußerste
2 Wörter
absolute superlative
Elativ {m}
absolute superlative
absoluter Superlativ {m} [Elativ]
superlative (comparison)
zweite Steigerung {f} [Superlativ]
superlative (degree)
Superlativ {m}
superlative (degree)
Meiststufe {f} [seltener] [Superlativ]
superlative comparison
superlative Steigerung {f}
9 Übersetzungen
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  • Superlative {pl} = superlatives
  • superlative Steigerung {f} = superlative comparison
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Russell Ultan (1972) surveyed 20 languages and observed that the comparative and superlative are inflected forms of (near-)identical bases with respective to the positive and equative.
  • In Estonian, the superlative form can usually be formed in two ways.
  • Sweden's superlative trees have been ranked by various factors. Records have been kept for trees with superlative height, wood volume, age, and stoutness. This last one means trunk diameter or girth.
  • The superlative simply combines the adverb "khà" "very" with "jù": "rámá jù khà" "best" (lit. ...
  • The comparative definition is contained within the superlative one and thus, the superlative must obligatorily subsume it in its structure.

  • Comparative and superlative adverbs are formed in the same manner as comparative and superlative adjectives: by placing a specific particle before the adverb receiving the comparison.
  • First and second declension adjectives that end in "-eus" or "-ius" are unusual in that they do not form the comparative and superlative by taking endings at all.
  • Because the definite article is, along with "más" or "menos", the superlative marker, the comparative is grammatically indistinguishable from the superlative when it is used; an additional qualifier phrase such as "de los dos" ("of the two") must therefore be used to indicate that the adjective is the comparative.
  • , and superlative adjectives are formed by suffixing [...].
  • There is no superlative suffix in Udmurt. Superlative is expressed with the Russian particle " [...] " or indefinitive expressions " [...] ", " [...] " or " [...] ".

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