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t'ai chi [short for: t'ai chi ch'uan]
Tai-Chi {n} [kurz für: Taijiquan]
t'ai chi ch'uan
Taijiquan {n}
t'ai chi ch'uan
Tai-Chi-Chuan {n}
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  • People practise T'ai Chi in Tsing Yi Promenade near Maritime Square in Tsing Yi Town in the early morning hours.
  • ... a. T'ai Chi Chuan) with practices such as meditation.
  • Meir Shahar lists the martial arts T'ai chi ch'uan, Chang Family Boxing, Bāguàquán, Xíngyìquán and Bajiquan as originating from this region and this time period.
  • Ill to the point of coughing up blood, he began to practice t'ai chi ch'uan more diligently to aid his recovery.
  • Zhang Sanfeng (also spelled Zhang San Feng, Chang San-Feng) refers to a legendary Chinese Taoist who many believe invented T'ai chi ch'üan.
  • Wade–Giles "I Ching" and "T'ai Chi Ch'üan" (Pinyin "Yìjīng" and "Tàijíquán") are two common cases in which the Pinyin romanization more accurately represents Chinese pronunciation than Wade–Giles (Carr 1990: 67-68).
  • Lee's first introduction to martial arts was through his father, from whom he learned the fundamentals of Wu-style t'ai chi ch'uan.
  • Ray Austin had been training with Chee Soo and they worked techniques from Feng Shou Kung fu and T'ai Chi into the fight scenes and credit sequences.
  • This was an attempt to standardize T'ai-chi ch'üan for "wushu" tournaments as they wanted to create a routine that would be much less difficult to learn than the classical 88 to 108 posture solo hand forms.
  • "Zhu" Xi maintained that all things are brought into being by the union of two universal aspects of reality: "qi" (气 Wade-Giles: ch‘i), sometimes translated as vital (or physical, material) force; and "li" (理), sometimes translated as rational principle (or law). The source and sum of "li" is the "Taiji" (太极 Wade-Giles: T‘ai Chi), meaning the Supreme Ultimate. The source of "qi" is not so clearly stated by Zhu Xi, leading some authorities to maintain that he was a metaphysical monist and others to maintain that he was a metaphysical dualist.
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