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moko [Maori tattoo]
Tā Moko {n} [Maori-Tätowierung]
WRONG (common mistake) ta-ta's [Am.] [sl.] [WRONG for: tatas][Titten]
WRONG (common mistake) ta ta's [Am.] [sl.] [WRONG for: tatas][Titten]
Ta-ta! [Br.] [coll.] Papa! [österr.] [ugs.] [Rsv.] [auch: Baba!] [Abschiedsgruß]
Ta-ta! [Br.] [coll.]Auf Wiedersehen!
moko [Maori tattoo]
Moko {n} [Maori-Tätowierung]
tantalum <Ta>
Tantal {n} <Ta>
tantalum <Ta>
Tantalum {n} <Ta> [veraltet] [Tantal]
tricuspid atresia <TA>
Trikuspidalatresie {f} <TA>
transactional analysis <TA>
Transaktionsanalyse {f} <TA>
acquisition time <TA>
Aufnahmezeit {f}
ta tas [sl.]Tittis {pl} [ugs.]
transition altitude <TA>
Übergangshöhe {f} [beim Steigflug]
technology assessment <TA>
Technologiefolgenabschätzung {f}
technology assessment <TA>
Technikbewertung {f} [Technikfolgenabschätzung]
thermal ablation <TA>
thermische Ablation {f}
teaching assistant <TA>
Lehrassistent {m}
teaching assistant <TA>
Schulbegleiter {m}
teaching assistant <TA>
Lehrerassistent {m}
acquisition time <TA>
Akquisitionszeit {f}
transaction analysis <TA>
Transaktionsanalyse {f} <TA>
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  • Tā Moko {n} [Maori-Tätowierung] = tā moko [Maori tattoo]
  • Moko {n} [Maori-Tätowierung] = moko [Maori tattoo]
  • Tarifangestellter {m} <TA> = employee covered by / under collective wage agreement
  • Tarifangestellter {m} <TA> = scale-wage employee
  • Trikuspidalatresie {f} <TA> = tricuspid atresia <TA>
  • Tumorantigen {n} <TA> = tumour antigen <TA> [Br.]
  • Tumorantigen {n} <TA> = tumor antigen <TA> [Am.]
  • Tantal {n} <Ta> = tantalum <Ta>
  • Transaktionsanalyse {f} <TA> = transactional analysis <TA>
  • Transaktionsanalyse {f} <TA> = transaction analysis <TA>
  • Tierarzt {m} <TA> = vet [esp. Br.]
  • Technikfolgenabschätzung {f} <TA> = technology assessment <TA>
  • temporale Arteriitis {f} <TA> = temporal arteritis <TA> [Arteriitis temporalis]
  • tariflicher Angestellter {m} <TA> = non-exempt employee [Am.] [cf. exempt employee]
  • Taylor-Zahl {f} <Ta> = Taylor number <Ta>
  • Terminologia anatomica {f} <TA> = Terminologia Anatomica <TA> [supersedes the Nomina Anatomica]
  • Tantalum {n} <Ta> [veraltet] [Tantal] = tantalum <Ta>
  • Technische Anleitung {f} zur Reinhaltung der Luft <TA Luft> = Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control
  • Technische Anleitung {f} zum Schutz gegen Lärm <TA Lärm> = Technical Instructions on Noise Protection
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In the Māori tattoo practice, "tā moko," tattoo experts have made ink from the ashes of resinous tree parts (such as kauri gum) or caterpillar fungus, mixed with oil from plants.
  • They integrated into Māori culture completely, participating in Tā moko and taking on Māori names.
  • Te Waru Rewiri creates contemporary art and draws upon traditional Māori art, she uses Māori images in her work such as kowhaiwhai patterns, weaving and tā moko.
  • His work often features Kiwiana iconography combined with motifs from Māori art traditions, such as the tiki and tā moko.
  • Black bears a striking traditional Maori female tattoo, or "tā moko", on her face, a cultural symbol of pride and beauty.

  • Like the "‘tā moko’", the art of weaving was another artistic gift received from Rarohenga.
  • In 2000 the Aotearoa Cafe became involved in promoting and education about Tā moko — Māori styled tattoo.
  • In photos on Kimoa's website two models pose in t-shirts with their faces painted in an approximation of tā moko.
  • They integrated into Māori culture completely, participating in Tā moko and taking on Māori names.
  • Rangi Kipa (born 1966) is a New Zealand sculptor, carver, illustrator and tā moko (traditional Māori tattoo) artist.

  • Men receiving tā moko whose mouths were swollen would receive mulched or puréed food through the kōrere.
  • Goldie and Gottfried Lindauer and many commissions followed with the Māori noting Beetham’s accurate painting of the Tā moko.
  • She was also an accomplished weaver and practiced tā moko (facial tattooing).
  • From that time, his work was influenced by Polynesian culture, including attempts to help revive the skill of traditional Tā moko tattooing.
  • Mokomokai, or Toi moko, are the preserved heads of Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, where the faces have been decorated by tā moko tattooing.

  • In 2022, Auckland University Press published a book called "Mokorua: Ngā kōrero mō tōku moko kauae: My story of moko kauae" by Ariana Tikao detailing her tā moko journey; her artist was Christine Harvey.
  • marae protocols, participation in warfare, delineated male and female modes of dress and placement of Tā moko [...] existed prior to and outside of Western influence.
  • Embarking on a Contemporary Maori Oil Portrait series in 2011, Minson has since painted prominent figures in Maori culture such as activist Tame Iti, musicians Tiki Taane and Stan Walker, Ta Moko artist Turumakina Duley and social anthropologist Dame Joan Metge.
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