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NOUN   a t-barb | t-barbs
t-barb [Puntius lateristriga]
Schwarzbandbarbe {f}
ton <t., t, sh. t., sh. tn.> [esp. Am.] [short ton] [2000 lb]
amerikanische Tonne {f} <tn. sh> [907,18 kg]
I couldn't, didn't want to (and still don't want to) deny a clandestine joy. ["Buback Obituary", trans. Sabine von Dirke: "All Power to the Imagination!"]
Ich konnte und wollte (und will) eine klammheimliche Freude nicht verhehlen. [Göttinger Mescalero, Buback - Ein Nachruf]
barbStachel {m} [auch fig.]
barbWiderhaken {m}
to barbverspotten [spitze Bemerkung machen]
hose barb
Schlauchtülle {f}
barb wireStacheldraht {m}
stingray's barb
Stachel {m} des Rochens
razor barb wireBandstacheldraht {m}
razor barb wireNATO-Draht {m}
barb wire fenceStacheldrahtzaun {m}
barb [sl.] [barbiturate]
Barbiturat {n}
Kosuati barb [Oreichthys cosuatis]
Indische Segelflossenbarbe {f}
Sawbwa barb [Sawbwa resplendens]
Nacktlaube {f}
lined barb [Puntius lineatus]
Bartellose Linienbarbe {f}
checkered barb [Puntius oligolepis]
Eilandbarbe {f}
giant barb [Catlocarpio siamensis]
Riesenbarbe {f}
Teri barb [Puntius terio]
Goldfleckbarbe {f}
Sawbwa barb [Sawbwa resplendens]
Glühköpfchen {n}
island barb [Puntius oligolepis]
Eilandbarbe {f}
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  • The song "Don't Call Me Babe" was included in the soundtrack of the 1996 film "Barb Wire".
  • ‘Never loses, but does not win’ is an ill-thought barb often stabbed at this particular Perugia team's fate, and like so many such disparaging comments, although there is an element of truth in it, there also a substantial amount of bitterness from the tifosi of the more established powers in the game that their team didn't achieve such a record.
  • William T. "Barb" Daly was an educator as well as an American football and baseball player and coach.
  • Bill at first doesn't agree, but at the end, he lets her go along with Barb, Nicki and Margene.
  • Assuring his long suffering wife, Barb (Melora Hardin), that he will not ignore his family, Coach moves them to Plainfolk, Texas where he hopes to redeem himself and his reputation.

  • She also played Barb Thunderman in Nickelodeon's "The Thundermans", as well as a recurring character in "General Hospital".
  • Craig tries warning conceited PR person Barb Lubotski, but instead allows the jeans to kill Barb after she insults him.
  • She worked at the 60’s underground newspaper, the "Berkeley Barb" and helped found the offshoot "Berkeley Tribe".
  • Each camp was surrounded in barb wire fencing. Refugees rotated through each camp as they passed or failed each exam on the way to asylum.
  • Meanwhile, Billy and Nora are excited at being roommates when Hank and Barb move Chloe into Billy's old room, but Chloe is afraid of sleeping alone and the twins hear noises at night, thinking there's a monster.

  • Hose barbs are cylindrical pieces or parts for attaching and securing of hoses (tubing).
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