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NOUN1   a T-shirt | T-shirts
NOUN2   a t-shirt | t-shirts
t-shirtsT-Shirts {pl}
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Übersetzung für 't shirts' von Englisch nach Deutsch

T-Shirts {pl}
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  • Throughout the show, Tim Taylor would often be wearing sweatshirts or T-shirts from various Michigan-based colleges and universities.
  • An etiquette guide to "gently persuade others in her chosen subculture that being a polite Goth is much, much more subversive than just wearing T-shirts with "edgy" sayings on them".
  • Around concert venues, an impromptu communal marketplace known as 'Shakedown Street' was created by Deadheads to serve as centers of activity where fans could buy and sell anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to home-made t-shirts and recordings of Grateful Dead concerts.
  • From 2006, t-shirts with an electroluminescent panel stylized as an audio equalizer, the T-Qualizer, saw a brief period of popularity.
  • The grunge youth wore loose-fitting ripped jeans, flannel shirts or woolen Pendletons layered over T-shirts.
  • There are many merchandise items on the market today that use this phrase, such as T-shirts and coffee mugs.
  • The meme's popularity was seen throughout the early 2000s when it was broadcast onto the ticker of a Raleigh TV channel, used as a placeholder message while YouTube was undergoing maintenance, and reproduced onto T-shirts.
  • Projects include a capsule collection of shirts bearing Bubbles designs with Fred Perry in 2017, Elvis Costello and Universal Music's 2020 box-set reissue of Costello's 1979 album Armed Forces, the 12-inch vinyl rerelease of Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick for Record Store Day 2021 with the Ian Dury Estate and music group BMG and a collaboration of four T-shirts with New York streetwear label Noah in 2022.
  • Some contemporary clothing styles designed to be worn by either gender, such as T-shirts, have started out as menswear, but some articles, such as the fedora, originally were a style for women.
  • In 2017, Forever 21 produced a clothing line in partnership with Taco Bell, featuring branded T-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as bodysuits made to look like Border Sauce packets.
  • Kate Bush's 1985 song Running Up That Hill climbed dramatically on music charts and reached number one on iTunes after the song was included in scenes of "Stranger Things", subsequent to Ryder frequently wearing Kate Bush T-shirts and lapel badges on set.
  • A partnership between Wu-Tang and the Alife NYC clothing group took place in 2007 through 2008 for an exclusive series of custom sneakers, T-shirts, hoodies and other accessories for men and women.
  • Additionally the court found that Fantasy Games Unlimited had been using Dee's and Herman's (the game creators') copyrighted material without permission by selling merchandise like T-shirts, comic books, and video games.
  • There is also a black tote bag featuring the "Strangers in Paradise" logo and a tumbler decorated with colour panels from the series, in addition to a postcard set and two T-shirts, although several of these items are listed as 'sold out', and are hard to come by elsewhere.
  • Every Hernandez start at T-Mobile Park was accompanied by the King's Court, a designated cheering section for fans to sing, chant, and cheer while donning yellow T-shirts and "K" cards that are supplied by the team.
  • Different pledge tier levels were available that provided extras such as the ability to get the LP signed, anniversary t-shirts, enamel pins, etc.
  • He was nicknamed "the hairy Houdini" and was the subject of a fan club, T-shirts, bumper stickers and a song titled "The Ballad of Ken Allen".
  • Additional projects included a calendar, a songbook, a collection of transfer designs for T-shirts, and a number of books.
  • (When founder William Baker later sent "I Survived EasyWriter" T-shirts, IBM returned them stating that it did not accept gifts.) IBM offered a free upgrade to version 1.10 to version 1.0 owners, [...] but EasyWriter's poor quality had caused others to quickly provide alternatives, such as Camilo Wilson's Volkswriter.
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