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WRONG (common mistake) ta ta's [Am.] [sl.] [WRONG for: tatas][Titten]
WRONG (common mistake) ta-ta's [Am.] [sl.] [WRONG for: tatas][Titten]
teacher's aide [USA] <TA>
Schulbegleiter {m}
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  • Samataṭa (Brahmi script: "sa-ma-ta-ṭa") was an ancient geopolitical division of Bengal in the eastern Indian subcontinent.
  • Highway 95A, the "Kimberley Highway", is a 55 km (34 mi) long alternate route to Highway 95 that passes through the city of Kimberley and the community of Ta Ta Creek.
  • The layperson entreats a mountain deity to "increase his fortune like the galloping of a horse and expand his prosperity like the boiling over of milk ("rlung ta ta rgyug/ kha rje 'o ma 'phyur 'phyur/").
  • The album was released in the spring of 1966, topping the charts and yielding three top fifteen singles - "Ta-ra-ta-ta", "Una casa in cima al mondo" and "Se telefonando".
  • A bootleg version backing "London Bye Ta-Ta" was also released in the early 1970s.
  • Moodie recorded the name as "Ta-ta-chi-ca" during his explorations of the region and later produced a map labeling the river as "Kachika".
  • TTFN is an initialism for a colloquial valediction, "ta ta for now", based on "ta ta", an informal "goodbye".
  • Characteristic ending: -ta/-tä, where the 't' elides if intervocalic. The consonant stem of a noun (if any) comes from the partitive singular. Otherwise the ending is added to the strong vowel stem.
  • On June 13, 1956, Tía's subsidiary Ta-Ta opened the first department store in Uruguay at the corner of 18 de Julio Avenue and Carlos Roxlo, kicking off modernization of the retail and supermarket industry in Uruguay.
  • The group won the Spellemannprisen award for 1973 for best children's album, with "Den aller siste ra-ta-ta-ta".
  • While these lyrics loop throughout the song, Kranz sings busier and busier drum figures — which sound like "Rat-ta-ta-ta-toom!
  • He has two collections of poems to his credit: i) Varjesh Solankichya Kavita (2002) and ii) Ta Ta Pa Pa (2009) both published by Abhidhanantar Prakashan, Mumbai., 'Diddamdina' his autobiography (lokvagmay), 'perugan murugan'(lokvagmay) short fiction also in his credit.
  • At the last the murderer is arrested and taken away by the police; he winks at the children who exposed him and says "ta ta".
  • Six Mo(II) centers gives rise to a total of 24 valence electrons, or 2e/Mo-Mo vector.
  • Notably, due to the extemporaneous manner in which Rumi composed his poems, much of Rumi’s poetry has an ecstatic, almost trance-like style that differs from the works of other professional Islamic poets.
  • "Se telefonando" was presented in May 1966 in a "Studio Uno" episode and in August the same year at "Aria condizionata".
  • Tantalum halides span the oxidation states of +5, +4, and +3.
  • The North Bay State Natural Area along with a few resorts are located within the vicinity of the community.
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