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NOUN   taiji | taijis
Taiji {n}
Tai-Chi {n}
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Übersetzung für 'taiji' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Taiji {n}philos.sports

Tai-Chi {n}philos.sports
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  • He held the head coach position until 1991 where he began teaching taiji full-time.
  • His philosophy survived the Intellectual Revolution of 1917, and later Feng Youlan would interpret his conception of "li", "qi", and "taiji" into a new metaphysical theory.
  • It incorporates elements of all three of the internal arts (xingyi, bagua, taiji) as well as Shaolin kung fu and qigong.
  • The World No.1 was a convincing winner, coming out on top in both the taijiquan (shadow boxing) and taijijian (taiji sword) disciplines to win with a score of 19.38.
  • "Seotaiji 6th Album Re-Recording and ETPFEST Live" is the name of the full-length album by the Korean musician Seo Taiji released in 2003.
  • Ledu was married to lady Borjigit, daughter of "taiji" Mantu (满图).
  • Roliball (Pinyin Tàijí Róulìqiú, Taiji Bailong Ball, “ball of the white dragon of taiji” – original Chinese name) is a kind of sport with a racket and ball over a net.
  • "Quiet Night" (sometimes entitled "Seotaiji 9th Quiet Night") is the ninth studio album by South Korean singer-songwriter Seo Taiji, and his fifth solo studio album.
  • Hong Taiji assumed the title of Khan of the Mongols in 1636, marking the conquest of Inner Mongolia.
  • However the relationship of taiji time "w" to standard time "t" must still be found, otherwise it would not be clear how an observer would measure taiji time.
  • Zhou's key terms Wuji and Taiji appear in the famous opening phrase "wuji er taiji" [...] , which Adler notes could also be translated "The Supreme Polarity that is Non-Polar!".
  • English titles are based on the official translations provided by the Seotaiji Company for international markets.
  • Having resolved to give up publicly teaching Southern Mantis, he decided to pursue his study of Taijiquan.
  • The modern Taoist canon, compiled during the Ming era, has at least half a dozen variants of such "taijitu".
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