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taking account of [some situation]rücksichtlich [irgendeines Sachverhalt(e)s]
taking account of sth. {adv}unter Berücksichtigung etw.Gen.
taking account of sth. {adv}unter Berücksichtigung von etw.Dat.
taking into accountBerücksichtigung {f}
taking into accountInbetrachtziehung {f}
taking into account sth. {adv}bei Berücksichtigung etw.Gen.
taking into account that ...wobei zu berücksichtigen ist, dass ...
taking into account thatwenn man in Betracht zieht, dass
whilst taking into accountunter Berücksichtigung
taking sth. into account {adv}
unter Beachtung von etw.Dat.
taking everything into accountnach allen Überlegungen
taking sth. into account {adv}
unter Beachtung etw.Gen.
... (not) taking this into account...., die diesem Umstand (nicht) Rechnung tragen.
taking into account {prep} [factors, arguments, etc.] unter Einbeziehung [+Gen.] [von Faktoren, Argumenten etc.]
taking of hostagesGeiselnahme {f} [mehrere Geiseln]
taking of evidenceBeweisaufnahme {f}
taking of evidence
Beweiserhebung {f}
taking possession of {adj}bemächtigend
taking of inventoryInventuraufnahme {f}
taking of decisionsBeschlussfassung {f}
taking of evidence
Asservierung {f}
taking of decisionsFassung {f} von Beschlüssen
The Taking of Christ
(Die) Gefangennahme {f} Christi
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  • A "price waterfall" analysis helps businesses and sales personnel to understand the differences which arise between the reference or list price, the invoiced sale price and the actual price paid by a customer taking account of contract, sales and payment discounts.
  • TRIPs Article 30, covering limitations and exemptions to patent law, is also derived from a somewhat different three-step test, that includes "taking account of the legitimate interests of third parties."
  • The law also defines the internal energy of a system, an extensive property for taking account of the balance of energies in the system.
  • If a mutual fund produces 10% return before expenses, taking account of the expense ratio difference would result in an after expense return of 9.9% for the large cap index fund versus 8.85% for the actively managed large cap fund.
  • Cost assessments taking account of the complete life cycle show that fast reactors could be no more expensive than the most widely used reactors in the world – water-moderated water-cooled reactors.

  • So a conviction that well-constituted human practical reason operates with considerations of justice means that "taking account of other people in that sort of way" is "how human beings live together."
  • Other significant provisions are the "non-discrimination" principle (all the information has to be provided without taking account of the nationality or citizenship of the applicant), the international nature of the convention, and the importance attributed to the promotion of environmental education of the public.
  • It is as if we pretend the creation and annihilation operators anticommute and then we reorder the expression to ensure the creation operators are on the left and the annihilation operators are on the right - all the time taking account of the anticommutation relations.
  • On introduction of the euro, Hungary—along with Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovenia—struggled for the euro to be written in its official documents according to its own usage and spelling, in contrast with Community law, which provides for a single name throughout the Union (in the nominative singular and taking account of different alphabets).
  • The development of parabolic cohomology (from Eichler cohomology) provided a purely algebraic setting based on group cohomology, taking account of the cusps characteristic of non-compact Riemann surfaces and modular curves.

  • Taking account of his early work with the Ian Campbell Folk Group, as well as with Ewan MacColl, A.
  • The awards seek to recognise outstanding achievement in the construction of buildings, taking account of a wide range of factors including architectural and engineering design, but also consideration of the construction process, delivery to time and budget, and client satisfaction.
  • In 2014, the major groups represented in the European Parliament and the European Council agreed to apply this process to determine the next President of the European Commission, as a way of the Council "taking account of the results of the European Parliament election" as required by the Union treaties.
  • A dispensing optician advises on, fits and supplies the most appropriate spectacles after taking account of each patient's visual, lifestyle and vocational needs.
  • The core concept of negligence is that people should exercise reasonable care in their actions, by taking account of the potential harm that they might foreseeably cause to other people or property.

  • In mathematics, a scheme is a mathematical structure that enlarges the notion of algebraic variety in several ways, such as taking account of multiplicities (the equations "x" = 0 and "x"2 = 0 define the same algebraic variety but different schemes) and allowing "varieties" defined over any commutative ring (for example, Fermat curves are defined over the integers).
  • Strategic marketing mainly concerns the choice of policies aiming at improving the competitive position of the firm, taking account of challenges and opportunities proposed by the competitive environment.
  • Much as with similar approaches to dealing with racism and ethnicity, not recognising and taking account of participants' sex can be harmful.
  • Second, while taking account of the first purpose, to foster the economic and social wellbeing of local communities within the AONB.
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