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VERB   to take aim | took aim | taken aim
taking aim | takes aim
taking aim {adj} {pres-p}visierend [zielend]
aimAbsicht {f}
to aimzielen
Abzweckung {f} [selten: Bezwecken]
aimBestreben {n}
Programmatik {f}
aimZielsetzung {f}
aim(gesetztes) Ziel {n}
aimZweck {m}
to aimbeabsichtigen
to aim furtherweiter wollen
main aimHauptziel {n}
practical aimpraktisches Ziel {n}
ambitious aimehrgeiziges Ziel {n}
war aim
Kriegsziel {n}
war aimKriegszweck {m}
to aim highhoch hinaufstreben
to aim atintendieren
ultimate aimletztes Ziel {n}
noble aimerhabenes Ziel {n}
chief aimHauptziel {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Jesús Diaz published a long rebuttal, repeating his attack, and personally taking aim at Ana María Simo as well.
  • Once at war, Turkey joined Germany in taking aim at the opposing Entente Powers and their extensive empires in the Muslim world.
  • A later ad depicted Wang Laboratories as a helicopter gunship taking aim at IBM.
  • The audience's reaction to Tosca's suicide at the American premiere caused Fanny Davenport to change the ending in subsequent performances with the firing squad taking aim at Tosca while she grieves over Cavaradossi's lifeless body, an ending also used by Sarah Bernhardt when she performed the play in Fort Worth, Texas in 1892.
  • When taking aim at the bird the archer must lead the bird and release the arrow in anticipation of the bird's travel path.

  • Attacks were made in the direction of the length of the balloon and against the wind, the pilot taking aim via the plane's existing gun-sight.
  • As Wilson approached Arroyo from behind, Arroyo was taking aim at his son whom he had already shot in the leg and wounded.
  • Cupid is displayed in the scene taking aim at a depiction of Neptune on the left waving a British flag.
  • Aimed at the sports enthusiast and outdoorsman, The Ray-Ban Shooter variant incorporates a cigarette holder, a circular device located at the center of the nose bridge originally intended to free the sportsman's hands while taking aim.
  • It is a politically charged song, taking aim at early allegations of Nazism against the band by revealing that they are politically left-wing.

  • A biography of Moore called "Taking Aim at the President" was published in 2009 by Geri Spieler, a writer who had a correspondence with Moore for 28 years.
  • A constant stream of fire was maintained on the Ottoman parapets to suppress the defenders and prevent them from taking aim while the attack continued.
  • "No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies" is a book by the Canadian author Naomi Klein.
  • This put them on a track parallel to the scholars at work in England, particularly Isaac Casaubon, taking aim at the historiography favoured by the Roman Curia.
  • to its left, covered with birds and animals, and with a hunter taking aim at a tiger with his crossbow.

  • After a promising conference championship first year, a record-setting second year of losses and disappointments, and then a strong return last year which included wins over Minnesota and Pittsburgh in the same year for the first time ever, sights were set on once again taking aim at the conference title and returning to the top of the league.
  • Olympic gold-medalist Tyler George also joined in condemning USA Curling’s recent actions by taking aim at the board’s decision to attempt to remove the GNCC.
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