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taking alongmitnehmend
takingWegnahme {f}
takingAbnahme {f} [Entfernen]
Aufnahme {f}
Einnahme {f}
takingEntnahme {f}
taking seriouslyErnstnehmen {n}
taking hazardsEingehen {n} von Gefahren
taking {adj} [person]sympathisch
bribe-takingAnnahme {f} von Schmiergeld
taking minutesProtokollführung {f}
profit takingErzielung {f} von Gewinnen
blood taking
Blutentnahme {f}
taking awayWegnahme {f} [Entziehung]
Drogenkonsum {m}
impression taking
Abdrucknahme {f}
drug-takingDrogeneinnahme {f}
taking in {adj}
taking possessionInbesitznahme {f}
drug taking
Einnehmen {n} von Drogen / Rauschgift
taking officeAmtsantritt {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Most famous of the artworks in the museum is perhaps a "Danse Macabre" by the Lübeck master Bernt Notke, which depicts the transience of life, the skeletal figures of Death taking along the mighty as well as the feeble ones.
  • Gibson did not carry forward with the GABS in their Songmaker series, and ended production around 2010, closing down the Garrison factory in Canada, taking along with it the GABS technology.
  • Things reach such a dreadful state that she decides to run away from the orphanage, taking along her friends Peter and Horatio and her "three of everything".
  • Once Wang saw that Limahon was besieged, Wang departed for China with the news, taking along some of the Spanish, including some friars.
  • Simone announces that Ninetta has also fled, taking along whatever she could get.

  • While Grainger is recovering from the first attempt, they receive a distress call and Grainger goes to intercept (taking along those already aboard: Eve, Johnny, Nick, and a Gallacellan intermediary named Ecdyon)...
  • Then they all set sail for civilization, taking along the treasure Tarzan had found in Opar.
  • In Tanegashima, there is a practice called "inugami-tsure" (meaning "taking along an inugami") that was performed when a family that had inugami was known or even just suspected without confirmation to have transferred an inugami to another family whereby the family that originally had inugami would bring food into the other family's house to take the inugami along with them and then go to live in seclusion in a hut in the outskirts of town until the newly afflicted person was cured, and it is said that their descendants would continue even after that to live alone in the mountains.
  • It follows the same principles of Worldizing, a technique used by film sound designers in which sound is played over a loudspeaker in a real-world location and then re-recorded, taking along all the aspects and characteristics of the real-world environment with it.
  • Renyu offered him his notes (saying that he had another copy), but Jong-nam left without taking along the notes.

  • However, since early 2007 NSF is regrouping and has seen activities associated with re-organization taking along some of the old comrades like Mushtaq Chaudhri, Faheem Aamer, Abid Ali Shah, etc as well as new ones like Sabir Ali Haider.These comrades reorganized the People's Democratic Front (PDF) as well as NSF.
  • He joins Liangshan taking along his wife.
  • Aguinaldo music is often performed by "parrandas" - a casual group of people, often family or friends, who merrily go from house to house taking along their singing.the instruments used are four, maracas and drums.one of the aguinaldos popular is burrito sabanero.
  • Many Southern Loyalists, taking along their slaves, went to the West Indies, particularly to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.
  • Domenech also excluded Roma centre-back Philippe Mexès from his 2006 and 2008 squads, taking along the likes of Jean-Alain Boumsong in his place.

  • As the entire balloon is less dense than its surroundings, it rises, taking along with it a basket, attached underneath, which carries passengers or payload.
  • When Vishvamitra saw the king with his subjects, he started cursing Harishchandra for taking along his subjects (who were a part of the kingdom donated to the sage).
  • A young South African orphan named Musa (Junior Singo) leaves his AIDS-ravaged village in KwaZulu-Natal, taking along only a drum given to him by his father, for the gritty streets of Johannesburg in search of work and his uncle.
  • Spanky, Spike, Buckwheat and Porky decide to investigate, with Spike taking along the paddle.
  • It is on this strip that two saddening incidents happened in the 1980s; the road laden with travelers returning for the festive season collapsed suddenly, taking along a few vehicles.

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