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tar yield
Teerausbeute {f}
to tarteeren
tarTeer {m}
tar water
Teerwasser {n}
tar furnace
Teerofen {m}
beech tarBuchenholzteer {m}
tar acids
Teerphenole {pl}
oil tar
Erdölteer {m}
petroleum tar
Erdölteer {m}
birch tarBirkenteer {m}
peat tarTorfteer {m}
wood tar
Holzteer {m}
coal tar
Steinkohlenteer {m}
tar removerTeerentferner {m}
tar pit
Teergrube {f}
tar factory
Teerbrennerei {f}
birch tar
Birkenpech {n}
pine tarHolzteer {m}
old taralter Seemann {m}
road tarStraßenteer {m}
tar sand
Teersand {m}
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  • Most countries on the continent do not impose maximum values for either tar, nicotine or CO, but Burkina Faso, Benin, Cape Verde, Morocco nevertheless demand that yield values be reported on pack.
  • However, it has been found that the nicotine yield of individual products has only a small effect (4.4%) on the blood concentration of nicotine, suggesting "the assumed health advantage of switching to lower-tar and lower-nicotine cigarettes may be largely offset by the tendency of smokers to compensate by increasing inhalation".
  • However, the law does not prohibit the use of other misleading terms, descriptors, figures or other indicia that create an erroneous impression about the health effects of a tobacco product including a requirement that the quantity (figurative yield) of tar and nicotine be displayed on tobacco product packages.
  • However, the accompanying fungal infection of "Monographella maydis," identified by “fish-eye” lesions, was claimed to cause significant foliar damage and subsequently yield reduction.
  • A wave of ambitious young winemakers rediscovered the low-yield, bush-vine trained Garnacha planted throughout the llicorella (brown schist) based soils of Priorat.

  • The by-products can be recovered by passing the off-gases through a series of water to yield so-called wood vinegar (pyroligneous acid) and the non-condensible wood gas passes on through the condenser and may be burned to provide heat.
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