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NOUN   a task analysis | task analyses
task analysisTätigkeitsanalyse {f}
task analysis
Aufgabenanalyse {f}
receiver-operating characteristic / characteristics curve analysis <ROC curve analysis>
ROC-Kurvenanalyse {f} [z. B. Medizinstatistik]
X-ray fluorescence analysis <XRF analysis>
Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse {f} <RFA>
taskAuftrag {m} [zugeteilte Arbeit, Aufgabe]
Arbeitsschritt {m}
taskTätigkeit {f} [Aufgabe]
Schularbeit {f}
taskArbeit {f} [Aufgabe]
taskAufgabenstellung {f}
taskAufgabe {f} [Auftrag]
task sharingAufgabenteilung {f}
task managementAufgabensteuerung {f}
task priorityAufgabenpriorität {f}
task schedulingAufgabenplanung {f}
defined taskklar formulierte Aufgabe {f}
task-oriented {adj}aufgabenorientiert
task-noncritical {adj}aufgabenunabhängig
task managementAufgabenverwaltung {f}
task supervisionAufgabenüberwachung {f}
task switchingAufgabenwechsel {m}
onerous taskschwere Aufgabe {f}
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  • The AWA consists of a 30-minute writing taskanalysis of an argument.
  • A training needs analysis typically involves a three-step process that includes organizational analysis, task analysis, and person analysis.
  • It analyzes users in terms of the roles they play in relation to systems and employs abstract (essential) use cases for task analysis.
  • At NYNEX he applied cognitive task analysis and cognitive modeling to the design and evaluation of interfaces for large, commercial telecommunications systems.
  • BARS are developed using data collected through the critical incident technique, or through the use of comprehensive data about the tasks performed by a job incumbent, such as might be collected through a task analysis.

  • Gagné, another psychologist, had earlier developed an influential method of task analysis in which a terminal learning goal is expanded into a hierarchy of learning objectives connected by prerequisite relationships.
  • Planning is a continuous process of research and analysis, task analysis, execution, and assessment.
  • Competencies required for a post are identified through job analysis or task analysis, using techniques such as the critical incident technique, work diaries, and work sampling.
  • (1997) summarized ITS design and development as consisting of four iterative stages: (1) needs assessment, (2) cognitive task analysis, (3) initial tutor implementation and (4) evaluation.
  • There are three different types of chaining which can be used and they are forward chaining, backward chaining, and total task chaining (not to be confused with a task analysis).

  • In 1979, NCARB conducted an extensive "task analysis and validation study" that led to the development of the forerunner of today's ARE.
  • Adaptive skills encompass a range of daily situations and they usually start with a task analysis.
  • A cognitive walkthrough starts with a task analysis that specifies the sequence of steps or actions required by a user to accomplish a task, and the system responses to those actions.
  • The ‘what’ question requires that evaluators conduct a task analysis to find out what the best way to perform would be.
  • While schoolwide positive behavior support consists of conducting assessments and a task analysis plan to differentially reinforce curricular supports that replace students' disruptive behavior in the classroom, pediatric feeding therapy incorporates a liquid chaser and chin feeder to shape proper eating behavior for children with feeding disorders.

  • Task analysis means learning about users' goals and users' ways of working.
  • Annett, J. and Stanton, N. A. (2000) Task Analysis. Taylor & Francis: London.
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