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task bar
Anwendungs­leiste {f}
eight-bar {adj} <8-bar>
achttaktig <8-taktig>
Louis-Bar's / Louis-Bar syndrome <LBS>
Louis-Bar-Syndrom {n} <LBS>
taskAufgabenstellung {f}
Schularbeit {f}
taskTätigkeit {f} [Aufgabe]
Arbeitsschritt {m}
taskAuftrag {m} [zugeteilte Arbeit, Aufgabe]
taskArbeit {f} [Aufgabe]
taskAufgabe {f} [Auftrag]
development taskEntwicklungs­aufgabe {f}
learning task
Lernaufgabe {f}
Herculean taskHerkulesaufgabe {f}
hard taskschwere Aufgabe {f}
endless tasknicht enden wollende Aufgabe {f}
pleasant taskangenehme Aufgabe {f}
rewarding tasklohnende Aufgabe {f}
demanding taskanspruchsvolle Aufgabe {f}
unpleasant taskunangenehme Aufgabe {f}
thankless taskundankbare Aufgabe {f}
simple taskeinfache Aufgabe {f}
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  • It controls application launching and switching, general system control, and provides interfaces for task bar (application menu and task switcher), status bar (brightness and volume control), and home (internet radio and web search) applets.
  • If installation defaults are used, WinPT will then reside in the task bar tray, and on the right-click menu within Windows Explorer.
  • It contains the well-known task bar with the clock and the "start" menu and can open up to 32 windows that can be moved, resized and scrolled.
  • For example, if the user has changed their desktop resolution, moved icons, or moved the task bar, the "mouse" macro may not perform the way the user intended.
  • The user interface is simple and designed in the likeness of Microsoft Windows' task bar.

  • Users of Microsoft Security Essentials can opt out by left clicking on the task bar icon, choose "settings", "spynet" and then choose opt-out.
  • The shell has a start menu, a task bar and a desktop that all function like those found in the Explorer Desktop of later 32-bit Windows operating systems.
  • The second pointing device may be needed to allow the user to select and enable pass through of the unifying receiver via the hypervisor task bar after executing the firmware updater so that the device is found and updated.
  • This is different from SDI applications where the window manager's task bar or task manager displays the currently opened windows.
  • Secondary icons of system programs are also displayed on the task bar or the system dock.

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