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task-based {adj}aufgabenbezogen
task-based {adj}aufgabenorientiert
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Übersetzung für 'task-based' von Englisch nach Deutsch

task-based {adj}

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  • Developed for PowerPC central processing units (CPUs) from Freescale and IBM it also supports the original AmigaOS Motorola 68000 series (68k, MC680x0) applications via proprietary task-based emulation, and most AmigaOS PPC applications via API wrappers.
  • Home care (non-medical) has traditionally been privately funded as opposed to home health care which is task-based and government or insurance funded.
  • Numerous instruments for assessing gender identity as a clinical measure exist, including questionnaire-based, interview-based and task-based assessments.
  • Ada has language support for task-based concurrency.
  • Task-based statements describing the work performed are derived from the functional job analysis technique.

  • However, since the mid-nineties, this has been augmented into what is called 'principled eclecticism' to incorporate lexical, task-based and generally more 'function-based' approaches to language learning and teaching.
  • A leading theorist in his field of study, Ellis has focused much of his research on task-based language teaching (TBLT).
  • The Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) is a set of codes designed to standardize categorization and facilitate analysis of legal work and expenses.
  • A paintball scenario game focuses heavily on paintball play, typically carried out in a task-based format, with the tasks designed for 2 evenly matched forces to run into each other somewhere on the field.
  • 0, a new task-based programming model was introduced to replace the existing event-based asynchronous model.

  • From New Entry through to Able Cadet, Sea Cadets are promoted based on their completion of various task-based modules under the CTP - Cadet Training Programme.
  • The PFC also plays an important part in integrating longer non-task based memories stored across the brain.
  • Successive versions of Windows (and in some cases, Internet Explorer) introduced new features and capabilities, removed other features, and generally progressed from being a simple file system navigation tool into a task-based file management system.
  • However, task-based evaluations are time-consuming and expensive, and can be difficult to carry out (especially if they require subjects with specialised expertise, such as doctors).
  • Akamatsu has no task-based daily schedule for his manga work; instead he works on one page at a time until the whole chapter is finished.

  • Some scholars have criticized fMRI studies for problematic statistical analyses, often based on low-power, small-sample studies.
  • The LOC also maintains five types of data elements in the LEDES data exchange standards: Uniform Task-Based Management System codes, which classify the work performed by type of legal matter; activity codes, which classify the actual work performed; expense codes, which classify the type of expense incurred; timekeeper classification codes; and error codes, which assist law firms with understanding invoice validation errors.
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