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ADJ   tautological | more tautological | most tautological
SYNO pleonastic | redundant | tautologic | ...
tautological {adj}tautologisch
tautological {adj}dasselbe besagend
tautological {adj}
doppelt gemoppelt [ugs.]
tautological {adj}
doppelt gesagt / ausgedrückt
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  • A place name is tautological if two differently sounding parts of it are synonymous.
  • The name "Osea" means "Osyth's Island" and thus the name is tautological.
  • His paper "Facts and tautological entailment" (J Phil 1969) is now regarded as the beginning of truth-maker semantics.
  • are just the tautological bundles over the Grassmannians.
  • Real projective space has a natural line bundle over it, called the tautological bundle.

  • With Hirschberg, Ward conducted pragmatic analyses of tautological utterances.
  • The island's name is tautological toponym, for "pulo" already means "island" in the Filipino language.
  • In algebraic geometry, the tautological ring is the subring of the Chow ring of the moduli space of curves generated by tautological classes.
  • "Vignemale" is a tautological compound of two pre-Indo-European "vin" and "mal" both meaning « mountain ».
  • In the setting of classical mechanics, when working with canonical coordinates, the canonical coframe is given by the tautological one-form.

  • Mac an Tàilleir (2003) suggests that "dail" is derived from the Norse "dalr", giving a tautological name, where both parts simply mean "valley".
  • Stove claims that Berkeley tried to derive a non-tautological conclusion from tautological reasoning.
  • That is, for a vector "v" in the tangent bundle of the cotangent bundle, the application of the tautological one-form θ to "v" at ("x", ω) is computed by projecting "v" into the tangent bundle at "x" using [...] and applying ω to this projection.
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