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NOUN   teache | teaches
VERB   to teach | taught | taught
teaching | teaches
sb. teachesjd. lehrt
sb. teaches [educates]jd. belehrt
sb. teaches sth. [gives lessons in sth.]
jd. unterrichtet etw.
as experience teaches {adv}erfahrungs­gemäß
She teaches tiddlers. [coll.]Sie unterrichtet die ganz Kleinen.
He teaches me French.
Er bringt mir Französisch bei.
He who can does. He who cannot, teaches. [attributed to George Bernard Shaw]
Wer etwas kann, tut es. Wer etwas nicht kann, lehrt es.
Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things­.
Meistens belehrt uns erst der Verlust über den Wert der Dinge. [Arthur Schopenhauer]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Gerdts teaches classes on languages of the First Nations, which are indigenous languages of southern Canada.
  • Marra's voice studio had become a landmark throughout the small town of Midland. She currently teaches over 40 students weekly and teaches both children and adults.
  • Marinovich teaches at the Harvard Extension School. He also teaches photojournalism and film at Boston University.
  • Munson Primary School teaches grades pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade, Mulvane Grade School teaches 3rd grade-5th grade while Mulvane Middle School teaches 6th through 8th, and Mulvane High School teaches 9th though 12th.
  • The town has an elementary school that teaches kindergarten through sixth grade, while North Judson-San Pierre High School teaches seventh grade through twelfth grade.

  • Keyes teaches a virtual class, "Ten Ways to Get a Laugh", which is hosted on Dragon Productions and teaches writers elements to develop laughter in a scene.
  • She currently teaches at Cornell University as the Richards Family Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, where she teaches fiction and television studies.
  • In addition to his career as a film maker, he teaches at Columbia University.
  • Marie Peltier teaches at ISPG in Brussels, a training institution training primary and middle school teachers, situated in Schaerbeek. She teaches history to first year bachelors.
  • Turner teaches guitar workshops in Piedmont style finger picking, while her husband teaches percussion workshops using washboards and bones. Together, they teach early blues history workshops.

  • Panchali Ray teaches anthropology and gender studies and Vinod Kumar Saranathan teaches biological sciences at Krea.
  • Carmona works as a music director and teaches at the Akureyri Music School. He also teaches at the University of Akureyri.
  • Rossetter teaches acting, and is the head of the Master of Fine Arts Acting Department at The New School where she teaches Contemporary Technique, and also teaches a Chekhov Scene Study class at the New Studio.
  • Stephanie Ybarra also teaches, the class she teaches at Juilliard is called Elements of Producing.
  • Groom teaches courses on the Gothic. He also teaches the only undergraduate course in Britain on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.

  • Carol Hernandez is an American journalist educator from Miami Florida. She currently teaches at Stony Brook University, in New York. She also teaches a seminar on global news.
  • Albert-Halaban teaches in the Narrative Medicine Department at Columbia University where she supports and teaches art-making on the medical campus by both students and faculty.
  • Holderman is particularly interested in intellectual property litigation, and teaches trial advocacy courses focusing on patent, trade secret, and copyright cases.
  • The Buddha teaches in Trāyastriṃśa Heaven at the Palace of Indra. Dharmamati teaches on how the bodhisattva path progresses in ten abodes or viharas.
  • At the University of Texas, he teaches a seminar in Law & Economics every semester, in the fall he teaches a course on antitrust and in the spring he teaches a course on Law and Economics.

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