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NOUN   a terracotta statue | terracotta statues
terracotta statue
Terrakottastatue {f}
terracottaTerracotta {f} [Rsv.]
terracottaTerrakotta {f}
terracotta horse
Terrakottapferd {n}
terracotta figure
Terrakottafigur {f}
terracotta {adj} [attr.]
terracotta sarcophagus
Terrakottasarkophag {m} [Terrakotta-Sarkophag]
terracotta [statuette]
Terrakottafigur {f}
Terracotta Army [China]
Terrakottaarmee {f}
Lombard terracotta [Am.]
Terrakotta {f} [im lombardischen Stil]
terracotta-colored {adj} [Am.]terrakottafarben
terracotta-coloured {adj} [Br.]terrakottafarben
terracotta hedgehog [Hydnum (repandum var.) rufescens]
Orangeroter Stoppelpilz {m}
terracotta hedgehog [Hydnum (repandum var.) rufescens]
Rotgelber Stoppelpilz {m}
Standbild {n}
Bildsäule {f}
Statue {f}
porphyry statue
Porphyrstatue {f}
limestone statue
Kalksteinstatue {f} [auch: Kalkstein-Statue]
wooden statue
Holzstatue {f}
stone statue
Steinstatue {f}
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  • Following a plague outbreak in Koper in 1553-1555, the facade of the Loggia was embellished with coats-of-arms, and a terracotta statue of the Madonna and Child was erected in a niche above the left corner column.
  • The colossal terracotta statue found in it was probably a votive gift, and is the largest clay sculpture found in the island.
  • These include a life-size prone stone lion, a terracotta statue of a palm-bearing female, signed "E.
  • In a niche at the base of the chancel is the polychrome terracotta statue of the Madonna del Ponte.
  • The statuette of Aphrodite known as Aphrodite Heyl in the Antikensammlung Berlin (inventory number 31272) is an especially finely worked terracotta statue from the second century BC.

  • The film stars Chow Yun-fat as Song Yu, a famous orchestra conductor who recently has visions of a beautiful woman and a Qin dynasty era terracotta statue.
  • The chapel of San Rocco has a 16th-century polychrome terracotta statue of its namesake, and is decorated by frescoes on the "Life of St Roch" by Crescenzio Gambarelli and Rutilio Manetti.
  • for Southampton, presented the town with a terracotta statue of Prince Albert which was placed at the eastern end of the building.
  • This painting of "St Elias the Prophet" is by Alessandro Guardassoni followed with a fragment of the "Nativity" (mid-15th century) by Paolo Uccello, and a terracotta statue of the Madonna del Carmine by Jacopo Della Quercia from the 15th century.
  • The interior of the Villa Bethania is decorated with religious symbolism that includes a terracotta statue version of Murillo's painting "Assumption of the Virgin", a figurine of the Infant Jesus of Prague, a painting of Thérèse of Lisieux (also known as "Thérèse of the Child Jesus") and a painted copy of a tapestry by the artist Alphonse Mucha.

  • The terracotta statue was placed on the spot where the dog was supposed to have fallen, at the de’ Buoi’House, now the seat of the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Bologna in via Oberdan 24.
  • Part of a large Greek terracotta statue was found at the Crimean Bridge construction site, during underwater digging near the Ak-Burun Cape.
  • Overlooking the section, the cemetery constructed a grotto and placed a life-size terracotta statue of Christ in the niche.
  • One tradition involved a small terracotta statue of a saint known as the Godstone or Naomhóg in Irish, which was worshiped as an idol.
  • A terracotta statue of Salisbury, dating from 1756, is located in the Great Hall of Lacock Abbey in Lacock, Wiltshire, England.

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