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NOUN   a testicle | testicles
Hoden {pl}
Testikel {pl}
2 Wörter
bull testicles
Stierhoden {pl}
bull testicles
Stierbeitl {pl} [bayer.] [Stierhoden]
goat testicles
Ziegenbockhoden {pl}
lamb testicles
Lammhoden {pl}
paired testicles
paarige Hoden {pl}
ram testicles
Widderhoden {pl}
silicone testicles
Silikonhoden {pl}
undescended testicles
nicht herabgestiegene Hoden {pl}
4 Wörter
ultrasound of the testicles
Hodenultraschall {m}
11 Übersetzungen
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  • The only adult tissue Rex1 has been identified in are the testicles.
  • Androgens are synthesized from cholesterol and are produced primarily in the gonads (testicles and ovaries) and also in the adrenal glands.
  • Like the penis, sperm competition has caused the human testicles to evolve in size through sexual selection.
  • A triple cock ring or triple crown is a cock ring that has additional rings for restraining the testicles.
  • This skill trains the body to suck the testicles into the abdomen so that during a fight, the testicles cannot be kicked or grabbed.
  • Reversed hearts are also taken in heraldry as stylized testicles.
  • The testicles lack anatomical protection and are highly sensitive to impact.
  • However, if the cancer affects the testicles, other surgeries such as removal of the testicles and implantation of testicular prosthetics may be required.
  • Enorches ("with balls"), with reference to his fertility, or "in the testicles" in reference to Zeus' sewing the baby Dionysus "into his thigh", understood to mean his testicles).
  • As the testicles are involved in testosterone and sperm production, the signs and symptoms of testicular atrophy overlap with those related to infertility or low testosterone levels.
  • Orchiectomy is the process of removing the testicles from the body.
  • The male part of the reproductive system in planarians has a set of several testicles, distributed throughout the body in two or more rows.
  • Senhor Testiculo (English: Mister Testicles, or Mr. ...
  • The cause of blue balls is a large amount of blood circulation to the genital area, specifically the penis and testicles, without the release of tension associated with orgasm/ejaculation.
  • Testicles from other animals can also be used in similar dishes.
  • In boys, puberty begins with the enlargement of the testicles and scrotum.
  • Buffalo, boar or bulls' testicles known as "criadillas" are breaded and fried; In tortilla Sacromonte, a speciality from Granada, lambs' brains and testicles are cooked in an omelette.
  • Reduplication of nouns can derive names or descriptive terms. Thus [...] (mouth-1s) means 'talker', and [...] (testicles-1s) means 'legendary character who has enlarged testicles'.
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