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the Allies [WW II]
die Alliierten {pl}
War of the Allies [357 BC - 355 BC] [also: Social War]
Bundesgenossenkrieg {m}
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  • The German Historical Museum's database for artworks recovered by the Allies at the Munich Central Collecting Point has 13 items related to Maillol.
  • French colonists in Morocco generally supported Pétain, while politically conscious Moroccans tended to favour de Gaulle and the Allies.
  • In late 1942, as French forces in North Africa split from the Vichy government to side with the Allies, U.S.
  • 3 of 4 Germany's African colonies were invaded and occupied by Allied forces during the war, only Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck's German force in German East Africa successfully held out against the Allies until they accepted an armistice.
  • Bletchley Park's use of these machines allowed the Allies to obtain a vast amount of high-level military intelligence from intercepted radiotelegraphy messages between the German High Command ("OKW") and their army commands throughout occupied Europe.
  • to join the Allies. He eventually settled in Berkeley, California.
  • In World War II, the Allies benefitted enormously from their joint success cryptanalysis of the German ciphers – including the Enigma machine and the Lorenz cipher – and Japanese ciphers, particularly 'Purple' and JN-25.
  • The effect on the allies was devastating because the existing gas masks were difficult to deploy and had not been broadly distributed.
  • In 1917, Cuba entered World War I on the side of the allies.
  • During World War I a number of Czechs and Slovaks, the Czechoslovak Legions, fought with the Allies in France and Italy, while large numbers deserted to Russia in exchange for its support for the independence of Czechoslovakia from the Austrian Empire.
  • Losses to flak continued to take a high toll of heavy bombers through 1944, but the war in Europe was being won by the Allies.
  • On 5 April 1942 the Allies made a landing attempt in Bayonne but after a barge penetrated the Adour with great difficulty, the operation was canceled.
  • Case Yellow surprised everyone, overcoming the Allies' 4,000 armored vehicles, many of which were better than their German equivalents in armor and gun-power.
  • The battle was also overshadowed by MacArthur's return to the Philippines and the Allies' push towards Germany in Europe.
  • The Allies held that only the Soviet Union, and not the GDR, had the authority to regulate Allied personnel in such cases.
  • In 1943, Bell developed SIGSALY, the first digital scrambled speech transmission system, used by the Allies in World War II.
  • In 1944 the Allies began a bombing campaign against the occupying Japanese, which destroyed much of the town and Kuala Belait, but missed Kampong Ayer.
  • On 7 April 1943, Bolivia entered World War II, joining part of the Allies, which caused president Enrique Peñaranda to declare war on the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Due to its isolated location in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda was vital to the Allies' war effort during both world wars of the 20th century, serving as a marshalling point for trans-Atlantic convoys, as well as a naval air base.
  • Although used during the Normandy landings, by that point German aircraft were contained by the Allies own air forces and they were largely unneeded.
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