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the ancient Britons
die alten Briten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'the ancient Britons' von Englisch nach Deutsch

the ancient Britons
die alten Briten {pl}hist.
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  • It was used by the ancient Britons and paved as one of the main Roman roads in Britannia (Roman-governed Great Britain during the Roman Empire).
  • In traditional genealogies of Clan Campbell, the clan's origins are in the ancient Britons of Strathclyde.
  • It is thought that the mound on which the keep stands was a site used by the ancient Britons, and that in Anglian times, there was a stronghold on the site held by Mildred, son of Ackman.
  • Bates was patron of the arts, buying important works by Joseph Wright of Derby ("Three Persons Viewing the Gladiator by Candlelight" and "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump") and by his close friend, John Hamilton Mortimer ("St Paul Preaching to the Ancient Britons").
  • On the same site fragments of pottery typical of that manufactured by the Ancient Britons have also been found.
  • Lysons' Magna Britannia mentions that the ancient Britons extracted alluvial tin from the gravels deposited by the river Teign.
  • This episode features reports from around the British Isles by Hart-Davis and Darling elaborated by demonstrations from Jopson and a variety of experts that examine the ideas and inventions of the Ancient Britons.
  • The name of an ancient track, pen-y-bos comes from the Brythonic language of the ancient Britons that lived in the area – rather like the well-known "pen-y-ghent" in Yorkshire.
  • Siccar Point was the site of a dun, or small hill fort, in the territory of the ancient Britons.
  • These triads, which Iolo put forth as medieval works, present Hu as a culture hero of the ancient Britons who introduced ploughing.
  • Another example of hyperdescent is in Iceland, which was initially populated by Norsemen, who took with them slaves from Ireland, Scotland and the Ancient Britons, including some women.
  • In the 19th century people theorized that the camp was built by the ancient Britons (a theory supported by its being adjacent to the line of Ryknild Street) which runs through the area, others proposed that it was built by the Danes although no factual evidence supports this theory.
  • Liberty spikes trace their origins to the Ancient Britons.
  • Above the village is Hascombe Hill which is the site of a ruined hillfort built by the ancient Britons and occupied by them during the 1st century BCE.
  • There is a humorous parody known variously as "National Anthem of the Ancient Britons" and "Woad", written some time before 1914 by William Hope-Jones.
  • The study of place names in Chadderton suggests that the ancient Britons once inhabited the area.
  • Throughout classical antiquity, the ancient Britons formed a series of tribes, cultures and identities in Great Britain; the Dumnonii and Cornovii were the Celtic tribes who inhabited what was to become Cornwall during the Iron Age, Roman and post-Roman periods.
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