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tilt-turn door
Dreh-Kipp-Türe {f}
tilt and turn windowDrehkipp-Fenster {n}
tilt-and-turn door
Drehkipptür {f}
tilt-and-turn sash
Drehkippflügel {m}
tilt-and-turn sash
Dreh-Kipp-Flügel {m}
tilt-and-turn window
Drehkippfenster {n}
tilt-and-turn window
Dreh-Kipp-Fenster {n}
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  • Tricycles have been constructed that tilt in the direction of a turn, as a bicycle does, to avoid rolling over without a wide axle track.
  • An alternative approach is the tilt-pour furnace whereby an induction furnace is tilted to pour the melt into a conical tundish that in turn delivers the molten metal to the melt delivery nozzle.
  • The upper portion of S6 helix undergoes an α-to-π helical transition which forces the lower portion of the helix to turn by 100 degrees and tilt away from the pore axis by 11 degrees.
  • This will take into account the maximum jounce and rebound allowed by the suspension system and the maximum turn and tilt allowed by the steering mechanism.
  • A tilting three-wheeler, tilting trike, leaning trike, or even just tilter, is a three-wheeled vehicle and usually a narrow-track vehicle whose body and or wheels tilt in the direction of a turn.

  • A tilt and turn window can both tilt inwards at the top or open inwards from hinges at the side.
  • A tilting three-wheeler's body or wheels, or both, tilt in the direction of the turn. Such vehicles can corner safely even with a narrow track.
  • The primary difference between the original line and the Plus line is that the latter dolls have a ball-jointed head that can swivel and tilt to different angles, allowing for more expressiveness than the original Little Pullip head, which could only turn from side to side along a single axis.
  • A wheel is driven to rotate a fraction of a full turn about its axis. The tilt of the wheel is measured to produce a signal related to the rate of rotation.
  • The rover is designed to withstand a tilt of 45 degrees in any direction without overturning.

  • Despite India being officially part of the Non-Aligned Movement, she gave Indian foreign policy a tilt towards the Soviet bloc.
  • The DVC system automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the vehicle to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle in such a way that it always is in balance.
  • As the number of rings increases, starting at four, the structure becomes non-planar, but instead the planes of consecutive rings tilt to prevent steric collisions.
  • As an aircraft flies closer to either pole the dipping error becomes more prevalent to the point that the compass can become unreliable because its pivot point has surpassed its 18 degrees of tilt.
  • One way to measure tilt angle with reference to the earth's ground plane, is to use an accelerometer.

  • lengths over the previously undefeated Tilt Up. In his next start on August 27 in the Hopeful Stakes, his main rival was Alydar, who was the even money favorite after winning four straight races.
  • The most common is the "mercury tilt switch". It is in one state (open or closed) when tilted one direction with respect to horizontal, and the other state when tilted the other direction.
  • Traditional videoconferencing systems and telepresence rooms generally offer pan-tilt-zoom cameras with far end control.
  • To fly in any direction requires the lander to be tilted in that direction.
  • If the sample is tilted relative to the electron beam, different sets of crystallographic planes contribute to the pattern yielding different types of diffraction patterns, approximately different projections of the reciprocal lattice.

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