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NOUN   a timar | timars
timar [also: Timar] [Ottoman land grant]
Timar {n}
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Übersetzung für 'timar' von Englisch nach Deutsch

timar [also: Timar] [Ottoman land grant]
Timar {n}hist.
  • Timar {n} = timar [also: Timar] [Ottoman land grant]
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  • A timar holder is a zaim.
  • The Sipahis and Silahtars were granted timar fiefs near Istanbul, alongside their salaries.
  • In this framework, the resistance of these communities to pay taxes according to the new timar system forced the Ottomans to accept their settlement as communal entities outside the timar registers.
  • In the Turkish tax register from 1430 there is a village called Ledenik, which is recorded as a timar of Sayyaklu Bayazid and has 1 Muslim, 47 Christian families and 2 widows.
  • Karye-iMiçova denoted the tax district of the Ottoman timar that constituted the area of Metsovo.

  • Timar-status could be inherited, but the pieces of land were not inheritable to avoid the creation of any stable landed nobility.
  • As Ottoman rule in the Balkans expanded, Albanian timar holders and officials were once again replaced with Anatolian ones.
  • After the decline of the timar (fief) system many sanjaks in Anatolia were given as arpaliks to high Ottoman officials.
  • In the 16th century, the village was listed among those villages whose income was allocated to sipahis under the Ottoman timar system.
  • Pavle had a Turkish timar, as did his father, and was the lord of great estates around Venčac in Šumadija called "Bakić's land".

  • The village of "Selita" appears in the Ottoman "defter" of 1467 as a small village in the timar of Bahadır in the nahiyah of Benda.
  • Besh ("Bensh") is recorded in the Ottoman "defter" of 1467 as a village in the timar of Mustafa in the nahiyah of Benda.
  • Bulçesh ("Bulshesh") is recorded in the Ottoman "defter" of 1467 as a settlement in the timar of Vilku in the nahiyah of Benda.
  • It was paid annually by herdsmen during the cold season ("zemheri"), to the timar holder or directly to the treasury, in return for the right to let their livestock graze on open pasture.
  • Unlike a timar holder, an emin was a salaried official.

  • The empire continued to lose land to the Ottoman Empire, and Constantinople was finally lost in 1453, but the Ottomans continued to use their own version of the pronoia system, called the timar system, which they had borrowed from the Eastern Romans during their conquests.
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