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time behavior [Am.]
Zeitverhalten {n}
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long-time behavior [Am.]Langzeitverhalten {n}
trigger delay time <TD time>
Trigger-Verzögerungs­zeit {f}
behavior chain
Verhaltenskette {f}
behavior [Am.]Gebaren {n}
behavior [Am.]Verhaltensweise {f}
behavior [Am.]Verlauf {m}
behavior [Am.]Betragen {n}
behavior [Am.]Verhalt {m} [veraltet] [Verhalten]
behavior [Am.]Benehmen {n}
behavior [Am.]Handlungs­weise {f}
behavior [Am.]Führung {f} [Verhalten, Betragen]
attachment behavior
Bindungs­verhalten {n}
marking behavior [Am.]
Markierverhalten {n}
group behavior [Am.]
Gruppenverhalten {n}
reflex behavior [Am.]
Reflexverhalten {n}
contact behavior [Am.]
Kontaktverhalten {n}
behavior towards [Am.]Verhalten {n} gegenüber
behavior pattern [Am.]Verhaltensmuster {n}
disorderly behavior [Am.]ungehöriges Benehmen {n}
territorial behavior [Am.]
Territorialverhalten {n}
submissive behavior [Am.]
Demutsverhalten {n}
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  • Photon diffusion equation is a second order partial differential equation describing the time behavior of photon fluence rate distribution in a low-absorption high-scattering medium.
  • The small time behavior of the flow is then found through simplification of the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations using the initial flow to give a step-by-step solution as time progresses.
  • If all forces are derivable from a potential, then the time behavior of the dynamical systems is completely determined.
  • Lazy linear hybrid automata model the discrete time behavior of control systems containing finite-precision sensors and actuators interacting with their environment under bounded inertial delays.
  • A modern basis-independent definition of the decoherence time relies on the short-time behavior of the fidelity between the initial and the time-dependent state and not until the 1980s The range of decoherent interpretations have subsequently been extended around the idea, such as consistent histories.

  • During the post-WWII period, Switzerland came under criticism for its war-time behavior vis-a-vis the Nazi Government in Germany.
  • The Universal Real-time Behavior Interface (URBI) environment also contains a Create interface.
  • An action execution represents the run-time behavior of executing an action within a specific behavior execution.
  • The quality of the Real-Time behavior depends on the precision of the overall basic cycle time.
  • This can destroy real-time behavior and cause clock ticks to get lost.

  • and statistical tools to gather information about the structure and function of the brain during real-time behavior.
  • In 2009, scientists at the university were the first to observe the real time behavior of the enzyme Dpo4, which aid studies understanding the molecular basis for cancer and other diseases.
  • Although their real-time behavior is less crisp than semaphore systems, simple message-based systems avoid most protocol deadlock hazards, and are generally better-behaved than semaphore systems.
  • For Type 1 where there is no time limit, the average run-time can represent the run-time behavior. This is not the same case for Type 2.
  • Operating supercapacitors below the rated voltage improves the long-time behavior of the electrical parameters.

  • That means, the life time behavior of polymer e-caps are much more stable than for wet Al-e-caps.
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