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tissue development
Gewebeentwicklung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'tissue development' von Englisch nach Deutsch

tissue development
Gewebeentwicklung {f}biol.
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  • The gene encodes for a transcription factor that belongs to the Hairy/Enhancer of Split (Hes) subfamily of basic helix-loop-helix factor genes which encode transcriptional repressors that function as downstream targets to regulate cell fate during tissue development.
  • Targeted knockout of "Kmt2d" in precursors cells of brown adipocytes and myocytes results in decreases in brown adipose tissue and muscle mass in mice, indicating that KMT2D is required for adipose and muscle tissue development.
  • In order to enable anterior neural tissue development, Nodal signaling needs to be repressed after inducing mesendoderm and LR asymmetry.
  • STAU1 has been shown to be asymmetrically distributed in the apical pole in differentiated intestinal epithelial cells, which reveals the significance of STAU1-induced cell polarity in normal tissue development and emphasizes the detrimental impact of STAU1 dysregulation on cells and organs.
  • In the mammalian blastocyst there are three lineages that give rise to later tissue development.
  • These persistent compounds can mimic the effect of thyroid hormones, and interfere with reproduction and nerve and tissue development.
  • For example, neural tissue development and central nervous system regeneration have been studied with organotypic explant culture.
  • Examples of prenatal care are fetal, placentae, uterus and mammary tissue development.
  • It can improve bone tissue development in the skeletal muscles by decreasing protein catabolism and increasing protein synthesis.
  • Phagocytosis of the hosts’ own cells is common as part of regular tissue development and maintenance.
  • A morphogen is a substance whose non-uniform distribution governs the pattern of tissue development in the process of morphogenesis or pattern formation, one of the core processes of developmental biology, establishing positions of the various specialized cell types within a tissue.
  • They can be created on the surface of the biomaterial in order to release cellular components that could interfere with tissue development.
  • This suggests that in addition to tissue repair, thy-1 might have roles in early CNS tissue development and organization.
  • These substances can then begin to affect the biochemical morphology of the developing embryos or newly hatched larvae, leading to underdeveloped cardiovascular systems, decreased nerve functions, decreased endocrine and hormone secretions, and reduced gill tissue development.
  • Some individuals will experience deepening of the voice and secondary hair development, while others may experience breast tissue development.
  • A further culture container is made of a transparent lid and base allowing the microscopic observation during tissue development (Fig. ...
  • Trophosome tissue development happens by stem cells in the center of each lobule, contributing to new lobules as well as the regeneration of bacteriocytes circulating from the center to the periphery of each lobule through which apoptosis happens.
  • PCD serves fundamental functions during both plant and animal tissue development.
  • Adherens junctions are the primary force-bearing junctions between epithelial cells and are fundamentally important for maintaining epithelial cell shape and for dynamic changes in shape during tissue development.
  • americana at the adult sexually mature stage with some apparent differences between males and females, rather suggesting a “chemodevol” function for this protein, contributing both to tissue development and recognition of sex-specific signals such as sex pheromones [...].
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