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to admit sb. to sth. [a club etc.]jdn. in etw. aufnehmen
to admit sth. to sb.etw. jdm. gegenüber zugeben
to admit sth. to sb.jdm. etw.Akk. eingestehen
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  • The duc de Richelieu was compelled to admit to the cabinet two of the chiefs of the "ultras", Villèle and Corbière.
  • During the confirmation hearings for the United States Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice in January 2005, Boxer challenged her to admit to alleged mistakes and false statements made by the Bush Administration in leading the United States into the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and ultimately voted against confirmation, along with twelve other senators.
  • The prevalence of pica is difficult to establish because of differences in definition and the reluctance of patients to admit to abnormal cravings and ingestion, thus leading to the prevalence recordings of pica among at-risk groups being in the range of 8% to 65% depending on the study.
  • House has admitted to using anabolic steroids in the 1970s making him one of the earliest players to admit to using performance-enhancing drugs.
  • He chooses not to admit to his lack of knowledge, concerned he will hate himself.
  • But Nelson had to admit to having "lost sight of Despard for the last twenty years."
  • He is elected to the Council and stages a coup d'état when he forces the Council to admit to treason and a Zind plot against Heldon.
  • Unable to admit to his family that he has been fired, the unemployed former executive continues to pretend he is going to the office every day.
  • MacIntyre provides a bleak view of the state of modern moral discourse, regarding it as failing to be rational, and failing to admit to being irrational.
  • This departure is therefore in line with Team Sky's policy (re-asserted in the wake of the USADA Reasoned Decision and subsequent UCI/Lance Armstrong fall-out) of asking all current team personnel to admit to any past doping offences.
  • The task of deciding whom to admit to the bar is performed by the Committee of Bar Examiners and the Office of Admissions under procedures set out in the State Bar Act.
  • There were also settlers who were afraid to admit to their families back home that they had made a mistake in coming to New Zealand and so, to save face they chose to exaggerate the positive sides of living in New Zealand and keep quiet about the negative factors.
  • Bartov ended that these sorts of arguments reflected a broader unwillingness of the part of some Germans to admit to what their Army did during the war.
  • After the ceremony on live television, NBC's Jim Gray repeatedly asked Rose if he was ready to admit to betting on baseball and apologize.
  • Despite being heralded by the NME as figureheads of the so-called New Acoustic Movement (although Bramwell did not want to admit to there being an acoustic scene at the time "because of the labels that immediately get attached to ‘acoustic music’"), the band returned home from touring to find the label had gone bust, owing the band money.
  • In 1977 Australian forward Graham Olling made headlines when he became the first rugby league player to admit to taking anabolic steroids, which at the time were not illegal in the sport.
  • Upon returning from rehab in season 7, Carter makes peace with Chase, and apologizes for his long absence, saying, "I didn't want to admit to the fact that I was just like you."
  • Volynsky was tortured twice but even under torture he refused to admit to conspiracy, while admitting the ancillary charge of taking bribes (of which no Russian official of the time was innocent).
  • King argued that the use of the term "down-low" was a way for many African-American men to admit to having sex with other men without necessarily identifying as "gay" in the traditional sense.
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