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to be cleared {adj} [postpos.]abzutragend
to be cleared upsich lichten [Angelegenheit]
to be cleared upsich aufklären [Irrtum, Geheimnis]
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All stocks must be cleared.Das ganze Lager muss geräumt werden.
to be cleared on a technicality
aufgrund einer verfahrenstechnischen Einzelheit freigesprochen werden
cleared {adj} {past-p}freigegeben
cleared {adj} {past-p}bezahlt
cleared {adj} {past-p}freigelegt
cleared {adj} {past-p}abgerechnet
cleared {adj} {past-p}
cleared {adj} {past-p}verzollt
cleared {adj} {past-p}erledigt
cleared {adj} {past-p}geklärt
cleared {adj} {past-p}gelöscht
cleared {adj} {past-p}
cleared {adj} {past-p}abgeräumt
cleared up {adj} {past-p}aufgeklärt
cleared conditiongelöschter Zustand {m}
cleared {adj} {past-p} [area]geräumt
cleared areafreies Gelände {n}
cleared {adj} {past-p} [authorized]befugt
cleared away {past-p}weggeräumt
cleared woodland
Rodung {f}
sb./sth. clearedjd./etw. klärte
cleared check [Am.]
verrechneter Scheck {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Jerningham immediately ordered all the foundations and basements to be uncovered, and the whole mound to be cleared of overgrowth.
  • In 1687, James II permitted ships to be cleared at Perth Amboy.
  • Increased cash incomes often are spent on chain saws, which have enabled larger areas to be cleared for cultivation.
  • of land, enabling the cattle and sheep markets to be cleared from the streets.
  • Since agricultural land is limited, in order to plant monocultures of oil palms, land used for other cultivations or the tropical forest need to be cleared.

  • The time scale for all of the dust in the disk to be cleared away by these processes is less than Epsilon Eridani's estimated age.
  • In January and February 1916 the sub prefect of Manbij ordered the camp to be cleared and the Armenians to be deported to Meskene.
  • "Note": On both the VHS and DVD releases, "A Vintage Year for Scoundrels" and "Death Has a Thousand Faces" have had music edits made due to the originally featured tracks by the Rolling Stones not being able to be cleared for commercial release.
  • Since agricultural land is limited, in order to plant monocultures of oil palms, land used for other cultivations or the tropical forest need to be cleared.
  • Another special page name is "_top", which causes any frames in the current window to be cleared away so that browsing can continue in the full window.

  • The land was to be cleared by 1942. Among the buildings razed was the "Old Rock House" 1818 home of fur trader Manuel Lisa (now occupied by the stairs on the north side of the arch) and the 1819 home of original St.
  • However, the proposal would need to be cleared by the union government.
  • Discovery need to be cleared before moving forward.
  • Few examples of this former abundance survive today—such areas were the first to be cleared by farmers looking for flat land and fertile soil.
  • The museum and building were mostly undamaged by the September 11 attacks in 2001, but airborne debris from the collapse of the World Trade Center had to be cleared from some of the interior spaces.

  • The area (nicknamed '88 Lane') was under direct anti-tank and heavy artillery fire so each house had to be cleared by dismounted infantry.
  • After this had been removed, part of the yard had to be cleared to allow the construction of the final landward pier and then the Devon approach spans could be raised up to their final position.
  • The court had to be cleared. In prison, Castafiore made her jailers suffer even more by throwing her pasta over their heads because they had not cooked it "al dente".
  • Since the premises of the State Library had to be cleared in 2005, a new library building was erected close to the main building in the center of Berlin.
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