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to be exactgenauer gesagt
3 Wörter
... to be exact.... um genau zu sein.
to be exact {adv}um genau zu sein
4 Wörter
to be more exact {adv}um genauer zu sein
5+ Wörter
Sth. can be dated to the exact year.
Etw. kann jahrgenau datiert werden.
to exacteintreiben
exact {adj}haargenau [ugs.]
exact {adj}richtig
exact {adj}bestimmt
exact {adj}fehlerfrei
exact {adj}genau
exact {adj}exakt
to exactabverlangen
exact {adj}scharf [genau]
exact {adj}pünktlich
exact {adj}akkurat [genau]
to exactfordern
exact namegenauer Name {m}
most exact {adj}exakteste
exact valuegenauer Wert {m}
exact proceduregenaue Arbeitsweise {f} [genaue Vorgehensweise]
to exact vengeanceVergeltung üben
exact timegenaue Zeit {f}
exact weightgenaues Gewicht {n}
most exact {adj}genauste
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Theorems and results within analytic number theory tend not to be exact structural results about the integers, for which algebraic and geometrical tools are more appropriate.
  • 97 to be exact), in PAL (Europe) television it is 25 frames per second.
  • Most homology groups or modules may be formulated as derived functors on appropriate abelian categories, measuring the failure of a functor to be exact.
  • Given any chain complex, its homology can therefore be thought of as a measure of the degree to which it fails to be exact.
  • The Sheriff cars are true to form and appear to be exact replicas of the true Chautauqua County Sheriff cars.

  • It is 20% less than the United States average to be exact.
  • The region of Château-Thierry (the arrondissement, to be exact) is called the country of Omois.
  • To avoid confusion, an ellipsoidal definition considers its own values to be exact in the form it gives.
  • Some conversions from one system of units to another need to be exact, without increasing or decreasing the precision of the first measurement.
  • The laws of catallactics are not value judgments, but aim to be exact, empirical, and of universal validity.

  • In the late seventeenth century (1697 to be exact), Italian companies were prohibited from appearing in France, so native actors took over the Italian plays and made the roles their own with great success.
  • In contrast to pattern recognition, the match usually has to be exact: "either it will or will not be a match."
  • According to the diagram above, we can induce an exact sequence [...] by applying the snake lemma. Thus, the snake lemma reflects the tensor product's failure to be exact.
  • Oromos would also establish several Muslim states and dynasties in what was Wollo Province: six to be exact; this included Qallu, House of the Borana and Gattiroch, the Arreloch, and the two longest and the most important ones: the Yejju dynasty and the Warra Himano, also called the Mahammadoch dynasty.
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