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to be precise {adv}genau genommen
4 Wörter
or to be precise {conj}beziehungs­weise [genauer gesagt]
to be more precise {adv}um genauer zu sein
to be precise in doing sth.sich korrekt verhalten
5+ Wörter
Can you be more precise?Können Sie es präzisieren? [formelle Anrede]
in a sense to be made precise {adv}in einem noch zu präzisierenden Sinne / Sinn
They must be complete and precise.Sie müssen vollständig und genau sein.
You must be more precise / explicit.Du musst dich klarer äußern.
precise {adj}exakt
precise {adj}gewissenhaft
precise {adj}bestimmt
preciseKurzfassung {f}
precise {adj}konkret
precise {adj}präzise
precise {adj}genau
precise {adj}pedantisch genau
precise {adj}akkurat
precise {adj}klar [präzise, genau]
precise {adj}klar umrissen
precise {adj}eindeutig
precise {adj}pingelig [ugs.]
precise {adj}präzis
micron-precise {adj}
µ-genau [ugs. für: mikrometergenau]
scrupulously precise {adj}minuziös [geh.] [Rsv.] [minutiös]
ultra-precise {adj}ultrapräzis
scrupulously precise {adj}minutiös [geh.] [akribisch, haargenau]
precise statementgenaue Erklärung {f}
precise instrumentpräzises Instrument {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • For instance, birds are generally considered to be the descendants of reptiles (Saurischian dinosaurs to be precise), but in this system both are listed as separate classes.
  • ... x) releases, the terms "backend" and "database" were often used interchangeably. To be precise, a "backend" is a class of storage interface, and a "database" is an instance of a backend.
  • To be precise, the generalized permutation matrices are a (faithful) linear representation of this abstract wreath product: a realization of the abstract group as a subgroup of matrices.
  • This principle states that, "While it may be necessary to be quite precise about what has to be done, it is rarely necessary to be precise about how it is done".
  • Cakewalks, or to be precise the "dancing" customers, were considered to be good spectacle which drew in more potential customers.

  • In Singapore's hawker centres – a technical misnomer, to be precise – for example, traditionally Malay hawker stalls selling halal food may serve halal versions of traditionally Tamil or Chinese food.
  • To be precise, neutropenia is the term normally used to describe absolute neutrophil counts (ANCs) of less than 500 cells per microlitre, whereas agranulocytosis is reserved for cases with ANCs of less than 100 cells per microlitre.
  • To be precise, then, the Fermi level is defined not by a deterministic charging event by one electron charge, but rather a statistical charging event by an infinitesimal fraction of an electron.
  • A second stone-built fortified building was suspected at the north, at the site of the current Slotweg ("castle road") to be precise.
  • The Alps form a northward convex arc around their southeastern foreland basin, the Po river basin (to be precise the south is in fact their hinterland).

  • To discuss such existence and uniqueness theorems, it is necessary to be precise about the domain of the "unknown function".
  • In simpler terms, given a statistical sample or set of data points from repeated measurements of the same quantity, the sample or set can be said to be "accurate" if their average is close to the true value of the quantity being measured, while the set can be said to be "precise" if their standard deviation is relatively small.
  • ... 001444 to be precise), but the hypothesis of a spin-orbit resonance with Earth has been discounted.
  • Some of these theoretical studies have concluded that a transaction tax could reduce volatility by crowding out speculators or eliminating individual 'noise traders' but that it 'would not have any impact on volatility in case of sufficiently deep global markets such as those in major currency pairs, His use of the phrase "let's say" ("sagen wir") indicated that he was not, at that point, in an interview setting, trying to be precise.
  • This viewpoint makes it easier to be precise about such concepts as covering maps.

  • Chitin is a modified polysaccharide that contains nitrogen; it is synthesized from units of "N"-acetyl-D-glucosamine (to be precise, 2-(acetylamino)-2-deoxy-D-glucose).
  • In order to be precise West Germans increasingly used the terms "Bundesrepublik" or "Bundesgebiet" ("Federal Republic", or "Federal Territory") to refer to the country and "Bundesbürger" ("Federal Citizen[...]") as to its citizens, with the pertaining adjective "bundesdeutsch" (federally German).
  • To be precise, EDO DRAM begins data output on the falling edge of [...] , but does not stop the output when [...] rises again.
  • To be precise, one must somehow find the location of all of the occurrences of the bound variable [...] in the expression [...] , implying a time cost, or one must keep track of the locations of free variables in some way, implying a space cost.
  • of the system with regard to its sensitivity to the variations of system energies. To be precise, for a large [...] , the evolution of [...] is sensitive to coarser energy variations, while it is sensitive to finer energy variations when [...] is small.

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