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to be proud of sb./sth.auf jdn./etw. stolz sein
to be proud of sth.
sichDat. etwas auf etw. zugutetun [geh.] [auf etw. stolz sein]
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sth. to be proud ofetw., auf das man stolz sein kann
to be proud of doing sth.stolz darauf sein, etw. zu tun
to be proud of oneselfstolz auf sichAkk. sein
to be proud of oneselfmit Stolz auf sich selbst erfüllt sein
to be very proud of sth.voller Stolz auf etw. sein
to be very proud of sth.sichDat. viel auf etw. zugutetun [geh.]
to be very proud of sth. sichDat. sehr viel auf etw.Akk. zugute halten [alt] [geh.]
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That is nothing to be proud of.Darauf kann man sich wirklich nichts einbilden.
to be proudhochmütig sein
to be proudstolz sein
to be proud [protrude]herausragen
to be proud [of sth.]von Stolz erfüllt sein
I'm proud of you.Ich bin stolz auf dich.
proud {adj}stolz
proud {adj}hochmütig
proud {adj}hoffärtig [geh.] [pej.]
proud {adj}mit Stolz erfüllt
proud lookstolzer Blick {m}
to stand proudherausragen [z. B. Nagel]
proud victorsstolze Sieger {pl}
proud {adj} [protruding]hervorragend [vorstehend]
proud vegetation
üppige Vegetation {f}
most proud {adj}stolzeste
proud {adj} [protruding]herausragend
more proud {adj}stolzer
proud {adj} [protruding]
proud momentstolzer Moment {m}
proud fatherstolzer Vater {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Although her heritage, like much of her personal story, was subject to different interpretations, Allyson always claimed to be proud of a Dutch ancestry.
  • A repentant Memín decides to be proud of his race and color to honor his good mother.
  • While campaigning for re-election in 1912, President William Howard Taft told residents gathered for a rally that "you have reason to be proud of this Hive of Industry", from which was coined the town's motto, "The Beehive of Industry", which is still used today.
  • Em encourages Nettie to be proud of Jamal's accomplishments in life no matter what they are.
  • He described the album as "one to be proud of" and one which "deserves to be heard".

  • The villagers previously regarded the birds as pests, but outreach efforts including cultural and religious programming, especially aimed at local women, have rallied Kamrup residents to be proud of and protect the storks.
  • Stürmer in an essay entitled "How Much History Weights" published in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" on November 26, 1986, wrote that France was a major power in the world because the French had a history to be proud of, and claimed that West Germany could only play the same role in the world if only they had the same national consensus about pride in their history as did the French.
  • The German philosopher Herder encouraged Germans to be proud of their origins, their language and their national characteristics or national "genius".
  • Despite battling very painful tendinitis in both ankles and Osgood-Schlatter disease during pre-Olympic training, Famously, after the vault fall Dawes's coach Kelli Hill exhorted her to be proud of her performance anyway, stating: "When did you ever think you would be in that position?
  • After substantial changes driven by the socialist regime, bringing frequent changes of the club's name rather than achievements to be proud of, the title in 1954 was the last one before a long period of misery.

  • In February 2013 ASB launched a new advertising campaign featuring Brian Blessed playing a fictionalised version of himself encouraging New Zealanders to be proud of their achievements whether big or small.
  • as an unpatriotic act, although Camacho had always proclaimed to be proud of being a Puerto Rican, and continued to proclaim so until he died in 2012.
  • Praising it as "a finale to be proud of", Riley notes that "Sugar Baby" is "built on a disarmingly simple riff that turns foreboding".
  • Rather than something to be proud of, I feel it is something of which we should be ashamed".
  • Prentice entered the 2003 convention day with some momentum, after delivering a passionate speech to the assembled delegates that encouraged Tories to be proud of their accomplishments, despite recent setbacks, and that recalled the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Passchendaele.

  • Miller himself claimed to be proud of the sanction: “Not being included in the first list I even had some doubts – may be something is wrong (with me)?
  • Næss was quite self-critical and had lambasted himself after other decisions; however, he had reasons to be proud of the perfect timing of this deal.
  • There are some programmes (both public and private) to teach those local languages at school and in other facilities, but there are anyway mixed feelings towards them: they are spoken the most in the ordinary lives of Cameroonians, but there is still a "social stigma" towards those who cannot speak anything other than an indigenous languages; on the contrary, being proficient in English or French is something to be proud of (especially teachers are likely to "show off"), but still pupils are not stimulated in using them at home, because of the low literacy level of their families.
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