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[they] can be recommended[sie] sind zu empfehlen
to be recommended {adj}empfehlenswert
4 Wörter
sth. is to be recommendedetw. ist zu empfehlen
5+ Wörter
to be recommended for a jobfür eine Arbeit empfohlen werden
recommended {adj} {past-p}empfohlen
recommended {adj} {past-p}weiterempfohlen
recommended intake
Verzehrempfehlung {f}
recommended levelRichtwert {m}
recommended lubricant
Schmierstoffempfehlung {f}
highly recommended {adj}sehr zu empfehlen [nur prädikativ]
recommended procedureempfohlenes Vorgehen {n}
recommended valueRichtwert {m}
recommended detour
Umleitungs­empfehlung {f}
recommended readings­
Leseempfehlungen {pl}
[they] recommended[sie] empfahlen
recommended valuesempfohlene Werte {pl}
recommended actionHandlungs­empfehlung {f}
not recommended {adj} {past-p}abgeraten
highly recommended {adj}sehr empfehlenswert
recommended strategyempfohlene Strategie {f}
recommended term
empfohlene Benennung {f}
recommended price
unverbindlicher Richtpreis {m}
strongly recommended {adj}dringend empfohlen
recommended reading
Literaturempfehlung {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • She also supported legislation in 2015 to allow medical cannabis to be recommended to veterans in states where its use is legal.
  • Frame's edition, according to Terence Cave, "is to be recommended not only because it contains the complete works but also because the translator was an internationally renowned specialist in French Renaissance studies".
  • In newborns free flow oxygen used to be recommended during intubation however as there is no evidence of benefit the 2011 NRP guidelines no longer do.
  • Army installations named for Confederate soldiers to be recommended for renaming by The Naming Commission.
  • Visiting Muhammad's tomb after the pilgrimage is considered by the majority of Sunni legal scholars to be recommended.

  • "The Monthly Film Bulletin" agreed, liking the setting of the film in the swamps as giving a clichéd story a new aspect and said it was "not to be recommended for the fainthearted".
  • The young women had to be recommended by the Church as being of good character.
  • The candidate has to be recommended and nominated by the community, or by the encomiendero.
  • This trait caused them to be recommended by the World Health Organization as test subjects in the development of malaria vaccines.
  • MathML 1 was released as a W3C recommendation in April 1998 as the first XML language to be recommended by the W3C.

  • The judge recommended that Bieber should never be released, making him only the 25th person in British legal history to be recommended for lifelong imprisonment.
  • A candidate has to be recommended by their supervisor, undertake a two-day assessment and pass both shooting and physical standards.
  • However, no one diet has been shown to be recommended for all people.
  • The dissolved gas in carbonated water acts as a temporary surfactant, causing it to be recommended as a household remedy for removing stains, particularly those of red wine.
  • Treatment may not provide enough benefits to be recommended for elderly patients, or when symptoms are stable instead of worsening.

  • Although drawing the opponent's trumps is usually to be recommended, there are occasions when other strategies yield more tricks.
  • After the most like-minded users are found, their corresponding ratings are aggregated to identify the set of items to be recommended to the target user.
  • Visiting Muhammad's tomb after the pilgrimage is considered by the majority of Sunni legal scholars to be recommended.
  • Several diets have shown sufficient evidence of safety and constant beneficial effects to be recommended.
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