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Begin with me.Fangen Sie mit mir an.
To begin with, ...Erstens einmal ...
to begin with {adv}zuerst
to begin with {adv}anfangs
to begin with {adv}vor allem
to begin with {adv}zunächst
to begin with {adv}zu Anfang
to begin with {adv}fürs Erste
to begin with {adv}für den Anfang
to begin with {adv}gleich zu Anfang
to begin with {adv}zunächst einmal
to begin with {adv}erst mal [ugs.]
to begin with {adv}zunächst mal [ugs.]
5+ Wörter: Andere
To begin with, he's too old.Erstens ist er zu alt.
To begin with, I would like to thank ... Zunächst (einmal) möchte ich mich bei ... bedanken.
5+ Wörter: Verben
to begin with a false assumptionvon einer falschen Voraussetzung ausgehen
to beginbeginnen
to beginanheben [geh.] [beginnen]
to begin
aufgehen [Jagdzeit]
to beginansetzen [beginnen, etw. zu tun]
beginAuftakt {m}
to beginanfangen
to begineinsetzen [anfangen]
to beginstarten
to begin operationden Betrieb aufnehmen
to begin anewneu beginnen
to begin anewvon Neuem beginnen [auch: von neuem beginnen]
to begin workinganfangen zu arbeiten
to begin bleedinganfangen zu bluten
to begin (secretly)sich anspinnen
to begin readingzu lesen anfangen
to begin anewneu anfangen
to begin afreshneu anfangen
to begin actingmit der Schauspielerei anfangen
to begin workmit der Arbeit anfangen
Begin reading!Fangen Sie an zu lesen!
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Before legal realism, theories of jurisprudence turned this method around where judges were thought to begin with legal principles and then look to facts.
  • Ignatius and the Jesuits who followed him believed that the reform of the church had to begin with the conversion of an individual's heart.
  • Gödel's paper uses a version of first-order predicate calculus that has no function or constant symbols to begin with.
  • According to Matthew 18, Jesus also taught that conflict resolution among church members ought to begin with the aggrieved party attempting to resolve their dispute with the offending party alone.
  • Marcia Angell considered that critics felt that healthcare practices should be classified based solely on scientific evidence, and if a treatment had been rigorously tested and found safe and effective, science-based medicine will adopt it regardless of whether it was considered "alternative" to begin with.

  • The history of Macedonia may be said to begin with Amyntas' reign.
  • The building did not respect any rules of conventional style, for which Gaudí received much criticism. To begin with, the name "La Pedrera" is in fact a nickname assigned by the citizens who disapproved of its unusualness.
  • Also, the draft may provide enough of a machining allowance to begin with.
  • Prof and Mike take the opportunity to give his "Adam Selene" alter ego a hero's death, forever concealing the fact that "Adam" never had a corporeal existence to begin with.
  • Expansion outside the city walls was slow to begin with, although there were some smaller oases and settlements surrounding Riyadh.

  • The White player's stones are threatened immediately with separation, while Black has many potential connections to begin with.
  • Ordinarily, the bar is lifted out of a rack at just below shoulder height, to begin with.
  • Some protocols (especially those requiring ETX) require each transmission block to begin with a Start-of-Text character (STX).
  • The United States Air Force starts basic training each Wednesday, and the first week (of eight) is considered to begin with the following Sunday.
  • There were eight attributes that were paired together (and shared the same rating to begin with)—Strength/Stamina, Dexterity/Reaction Speed, Intuition/Logic, and Personality/Leadership.

  • According to the Gnostic view of Salvation, creation was perfect to begin with; it did not need time to grow and mature.
  • The series can be considered to begin with [...] , with one set of faces degenerated into digons.
  • This section lists some basic examples of fundamental groups. To begin with, in Euclidean space (...) or any convex subset of [...] there is only one homotopy class of loops, and the fundamental group is therefore the trivial group with one element.
  • Controversy exists as to whether some of these treatments should be acceptable, but one can be more or less forgiven universally: This is the "light" waxing or oiling applied to most gem turquoise to improve its colour and lustre; if the material is of high quality to begin with, very little of the wax or oil is absorbed and the turquoise therefore does not rely on this impermanent treatment for its beauty.
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