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VERB   to flourish | flourished | flourished
flourishing | flourishes
SYNO brandish | fanfare | flourish | ...
to flourish [business etc.]gedeihen [florieren]
to flourishaufblühen
to flourishblühen
to flourishflorieren
to flourish [one's hands]gestikulieren
to flourishschwenken
to flourishschwingen
to flourishgrünen [fig.]
to flourish [art, music, literature]eine Blütezeit erleben
to flourish [business]geschäftlich erfolgreich sein
to flourish [newspaper, firm]sich gut entwickeln
to flourish [writer, artist etc.]großen Erfolg haben
to flourish sth. [wave about]mit etw.Dat. herumfuchteln [ugs.]
flourishSchnörkel {m}
flourish [florid passage]
Verzierung {f}
flourish [ornate language]Ausschmückung {f}
flourish [e.g. of trumpets]
Fanfare {f}
flourish [fanfare]
Tusch {m} [von Blasinstrumenten]
flourish [fanfare]
Fanfare {f}
flourish [black letter, bastarda]
Elefantenrüssel {m} [ausladender Anschwung bei einem Großbuchstaben (Fraktur, Bastarda)]
flourish [expression]
blumiger Ausdruck {m}
flourish [gesture]überschwängliche Geste {f}
flourish [movement]schwungvolle Bewegung {f}
2 Wörter
final flourish [of a firework display]Schlussfeuerwerk {n}
3 Wörter
to flourish a wandeinen Zauberstab schwingen
to flourish in obscurity
im Verborgenen blühen
4 Wörter
to announce with a flourishmit einem Trompetenstoß bekannt geben
to start to flourish again [fig.]
einem neuen Frühling entgegengehen
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  • As the capital of the Kingdom of Poland and a member of the Hanseatic League, the city attracted many craftsmen from abroad, businesses, and guilds as science and the arts began to flourish.
  • However, fantasy films were relatively few and far between until the 1980s, when high-tech filmmaking techniques and increased audience interest caused the genre to flourish.
  • Agfa began to produce motion picture film in 1913, but remained a largely local supplier until World War I boycotts of popular French, American and Italian film stocks allowed the UFA film studio to flourish, boosting Agfa's orders.
  • Eastern Christian culture reached its golden age during the high point of the Byzantine Empire and continued to flourish in Ukraine and Russia, after the fall of Constantinople.
  • Indeed, deforestation eliminates a great number of species of plants and animals which also often results in an increase in disease, Deforestation can also create a path for non-native species to flourish such as certain types of snails, which have been correlated with an increase in schistosomiasis cases.
  • The manhwa industry has suffered through two crashes and strict censorship since its early beginnings as a result of the Japanese occupation of the peninsula which stunts the growth of the industry but has now started to flourish thanks in part to the internet and new ways to read manhwa whether on computers or through smartphones.
  • The dynasty continued to flourish under the rule of Empress Wu Zetian, the only empress regnant in Chinese history, and reached its zenith during the long reign of Emperor Xuanzong, who oversaw an empire that stretched from the Pacific to the Aral Sea with at least 50 million people.
  • Cottard, on the other hand, seems to flourish during the plague because it gives him a sense of being connected to others, since everybody faces the same danger.
  • The use of minted coins continued to flourish during the Greek and Roman eras.
  • The reigns of John V and Joseph I had increased imports of gold and diamonds, in a period called Royal Absolutism, which allowed the Portuguese Baroque to flourish.
  • However, only with the arrival of Austro-Hungarians did the painting renaissance in Bosnia really begin to flourish.
  • This generates stability, which allows the economy to flourish and benefits everyone.
  • The lily export trade continued to flourish until the 1940s when the Japanese captured much of the market.
  • The European brass industry continued to flourish into the post medieval period buoyed by innovations such as the 16th century introduction of water powered hammers for the production of wares such as pots.
  • But training in rhetoric continued to flourish and to affect styles of writing.
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