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to good advantage {adv} [to advantage]vorteilhaft
advantageAnnehmlichkeit {f} [Vorteil]
advantagePrä {n} [geh.]
Vorsprung {m}
advantageGewinn {m} [Vorteil]
to advantageübervorteilen
Chancenvorteil {m}
advantagePluspunkt {m} [Vorteil, Vorzug]
advantageNutzeffekt {m}
advantageVorzug {m}
advantageNutzen {m}
primary advantageHauptvorteil {m}
selection advantage
Selektionsvorteil {m}
advantage [superiority]Überlegenheit {f}
comparative advantage
komparativer Kostenvorteil {m}
selective advantage
Selektionsvorteil {m}
fitness advantage
Fitnessvorteil {m}
undisputed advantageunumstrittener Vorteil {m}
transmission advantage
Übertragungs­vorteil {m}
competence advantageKompetenzvorsprung {m}
lasting advantagedauerhafter Vorteil {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • His strong, bright-toned voice was also heard to good advantage in Verdi roles including Manrico, Radames, Otello.
  • Along with that, he showed himself to good advantage by taking 2nd place in a stage of the Vuelta a España and, thus, reaching 12th position in the final general classification.
  • Aided by Dixon, the South's best punter, they combined a kicking game and a well-diversified offense to good advantage."
  • Jonathan appears to have used this peaceful period to good advantage, for he was soon in possession of great power.
  • He was seen to good advantage in two 1936 Fox motion pictures, in which he had leading roles: as a pilot in Peter Lorre's first American film, the espionage thriller "Crack-Up" and as a rich socialite in "Champagne Charlie".

  • The layout of the park uses the steepness of the hill to good advantage, offering good views of the city (particularly to the north).
  • They defeated Newton Rangers 11-3 with it said that “St George, in the forwards, played a fine game, showing to good advantage in the loose play”.
  • Using his aircraft to good advantage, Farrell overcomes the smugglers, and frees the Senator, earning Nancy's gratitude.
  • He often did concerts to good advantage, and wrote a concerto for orchestra and piano, also composed considerable church music.
  • Hydrolytic decomposition of the epoxidation product may be used to good advantage.

  • Despite minimal information, Admiral John Jellicoe managed to deploy his ships to good advantage across the path of the approaching German fleet, so that some success was gained in the short battle before the Germans in turn reversed course and withdrew.
  • He planted seeds of oranges and lemons he had obtained at Rio de Janeiro, which later on produced good crops of fruit, and occasional references are found to his having made a fortune by his farming; this is all probability an overstatement, though he sold his land and stock to good advantage when he left the colony.
  • "Norfolk" and "Suffolk" were equipped with radar which was used to good advantage when they shadowed the [...] during the RN's attempts to hunt her down after the sinking of [...].
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