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to say nothing of ... [quite apart from ...](einmal) ganz abgesehen von [+Dat.]
to say nothing of ... [quite apart from ...]mal ganz abgesehen von [+Dat.] [ugs.]
to say nothing of sth. [idiom]ganz zu schweigen von etw.Dat. [Redewendung]
Say nothing but good of the dead.
De mortuis nil nisi bene.
Say nothing but good of the dead.
De mortuis nihil nisi bene.
We could think of nothing to say.Uns fiel nichts ein.
We could think of nothing to say.Es fiel uns nichts ein.
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  • This was a devastating blow, which destroyed many of the records and trophies from the early days of KJVI's history, to say nothing of valuable equipment belonging to individual members and the Club.
  • so that many who hold it prefer to say nothing of their view, while other sedevacantists have accepted episcopal ordination from sources such as Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục.
  • The connection between a harmless, edible plant growing in a cornfield and somewhat sinister supernatural entities (to say nothing of an ancient Roman goddess) is not immediately apparent to the modern mind, but may be explained by a study of ancient harvest customs.
  • In the rush to create and claim new breeds, competing groups of dog breeders sometimes came up with different names for the same dog, and it was common for entirely fictional breed histories to be cobbled up as part of a campaign to declare a new breed and create a bit of personal distinction for a dog's originator (to say nothing of sales).
  • When she offers them gin (the film is set during the Prohibition era), they take it and leave, promising to say nothing of this and to claim nobody was at home when they came by.
  • The Latin colony of Alba Fucens near the northwest corner of the lake was founded in the adjoining Aequian territory in 303, so that, from the beginning of the 3rd century, the Marsians were in touch with a Latin-speaking community, to say nothing of the Latin colony of Carsioli (298 BC) farther west.
  • plays a role as the MacGuffin in Connie Willis's 1998 time travel science fiction novel "To Say Nothing of the Dog: or, How We Found the Bishop's Bird Stump at Last".
  • There as many as 81 variations to the Kuji-in within certain sects of Buddhism in Japan, to say nothing of other mudra that are also used.
  • Navy and the deployment rotations of a various ships within a fleet, it would be exceedingly difficult to imagine a situation where even an entire numbered fleet could be presented at one event, to say nothing of the physical cost and logistical requirements to support over 460 ships exceeding 3.4 million tons displacement.
  • Ted Sampson stated that Louis Aragon's declaration about Ritsos was "hyperbolic", but wrote that the poet still "excelled in brief epigrammatic utterances as well as in extended lyrics, sequences, and verse dramas of astonishing imagistic and thematic originality—to say nothing of their latent emotional intensity".
  • He estimates that the economy loses £300,000 a year as a result, to say nothing of the misery inflicted on the prisoners' loved ones.
  • This model of time travel also features in Willis's subsequent novels "Doomsday Book", "To Say Nothing of the Dog" and "Blackout/All Clear", set in the same continuity.
  • This is all to say nothing of the implausibility of a 16-year-old high school student following an older man she did not know into a forest in the first place.
  • It was published in 1900, eleven years after his most famous work, "Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)".
  • Popes generally came from this nobility, to say nothing of the curia and Vatican hierarchy in general.
  • "To Say Nothing of the Dog": "or, How We Found the Bishop's Bird Stump at Last" is a 1997 comic science fiction novel by Connie Willis.
  • Many varieties of French were spoken around the country, to say nothing of sizeable regional minorities like Bretons and Basques whose mother tongue was not French at all.
  • On his return, Djandoubi warned the two girls to say nothing of what they had seen.
  • Connie Willis, who frequently references Sayers in "To Say Nothing of the Dog" (1997), features bell ringers in her earlier novel "Doomsday Book" (1992); a group of American women led by a Mrs.
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