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tobacco use [consumption]Tabakkonsum {m}
use conforming with the binding land-use planbebauungs­planmäßige Nutzung {f}
use synonym <USE/SYN> [ISO 2788]benutze Synonym <BS> [DIN 1463-1]
Sterile hypodermic syringes for single use - Part 4: Syringes with re-use prevention feature [ISO 7886-4:2006]
Sterile Einmalspritzen {pl} für medizinische Zwecke - Teil 4: Spritzen mit Vorrichtung zur Verhinderung der Wiederverwendung [ISO 7886-4:2006]
tobaccoTabak {m}
tobaccoTobak {m} [veraltet]
tobacco pouchTabakbeutel {m}
tobacco fumes {pl}Tabakdunst {m}
cigar tobaccoZigarrentabak {m}
tobacco poisoning
Tabakvergiftung {f}
tobacco processing
Tabakverarbeitung {f}
tobacco leavesTabakblätter {pl}
tobacco dependence
Tabakabhängigkeit {f}
Turkish tobaccotürkischer Tabak {m} [Orienttabak]
tobacco addiction
Tabakabhängigkeit {f}
(tobacco) snuffingTabakschnupfen {n}
tobacco workers
Tabakarbeiter {pl}
tobacco grower
Tabakbauer {m}
tobacco smokeTabakqualm {m}
tobacco pouchTabaksbeutel {m}
tobacco pouchesTabaksbeutel {pl}
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  • Generally, though, they have signs near presumable paraphernalia saying "For tobacco use only" or "Not for use with illicit drugs."
  • Novello also worked to discourage illegal tobacco use by young people, and repeatedly criticized the tobacco industry for appealing to the youth market through the use of cartoon characters such as Joe Camel.
  • Citing the proven detrimental health effects of tobacco use, effective August 15, 2010, Missouri State University enacted a policy further restricting the use of tobacco products and smokeless tobacco on the campus.
  • By the eighties, tobacco use began declining. Along with global recession, the town and its people took another severe hit.
  • Woodridge was one of the first communities nationwide to adopt aggressive legislation against underage tobacco use, and the Woodridge Police Department was one of the first to conduct regular "sting" operations using young teens hired by the department to check compliance for tobacco and alcohol sales.

  • Tobacco use is the cause of about 22% of cancer deaths.
  • The carcinogenicity of THC in the studied populations of so-called "heavy users" remains dubious due to various confounding variables, most significantly concurrent tobacco use.
  • To come up with these criteria, BioSHaRE controlled for age and tobacco use, researching how both may effect the metabolic syndrome associated with obesity, but not found to exist in the metabolically healthy obese.
  • Tobacco contains the highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids. Tobacco use is a cause or risk factor for many deadly diseases, especially those affecting the heart, liver, and lungs, as well as many cancers.
  • Recommended lifestyle changes include stopping tobacco use and reducing behaviors that interfere with sleep.

  • Meconium can also be analyzed to detect the tobacco use of mothers during their pregnancy, which is commonly under-reported.
  • His views on tobacco use changed substantially, going from a one-time member of the National Smokers Alliance to a staunch anti-smoking activist.
  • It has also been associated with high tobacco use in the army.
  • That accepted, it is a short extrapolation to conclude that it is also incumbent on society to protect an individual's "Future Self" from such transgressions; tobacco use could be classified as an abuse of a Future Self's right to a healthy existence.
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