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NOUN   tog | togs
VERB   to tog | togged | togged
togging | togs
together {adv} <tog.>zusammen <zus.>
to tog [coll.]
tog [sl.]
Mantel {m}
[Einheit für das Wärmerückhaltevermögen von Textilien]
to tog out / up [coll.]sich fein machen [sich schön anziehen]
to knit two stitches together <k2tog, k.2.tog.>
zwei Maschen rechts zusammen stricken <2 M re zus str>
to purl two stitches together <p2tog, p.2.tog.>
zwei Maschen links zusammen stricken <2 M li zus str>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The reason for this is that the current road tunnel has been added where there was previously a tog tunnel.
  • British duvets are sold in steps of 1.5 tog from 3.0 tog (summer) to 16.5 tog (extra-warm).
  • It leases trains and trackage rights to the operating companies DSB S-tog (for Lille Nord) and Lokalbanen (all other lines).
  • Such stuffed article labelling laws exist in other jurisdictions, for example, the tag required on duvets sold in the United Kingdom, that describe the materials used and the tog insulation rating.
  • He has written two books, "Tog on Interface" and "Tog on Software Design", published by Addison-Wesley, and he publishes the webzine "Asktog", with the tagline "Interaction Design Solutions for the Real World".

  • The two systems carry 500,000 passengers daily with S-tog serving more than 357,000 passengers a day.
  • Tandberg released the novels "Nattens joker" in 1995, "Løgnernes paradis" in 1998, and "Siste tog øst" in 2002, all on Kolon forlag.
  • A few manufacturers have marketed combined duvet set consisting of one 4.5 tog and one 9.0 tog.
  • The newspaper was founded as "Der tog" ('The Day').
  • En kväll i juni ("An Evening in June"), also called "Han tog av sig sin kavaj" ("He Took Off His Blazer"), is a Swedish summer song written by Lasse Berghagen and is now one of Berghagen's most famous songs.

  • He wrote for "Der fraynd" and "Der tog" in St Petersburg.
  • Among his most important works was the trilogy: "Toget over vidda", "I jøkulens skygge" and "Klart for tog", from the period of the construction of the Bergen Line.
  • TOG allows for a community that would usually be based through virtual medium to come together to form a meeting place for like-minded individuals.
  • In Denmark, they are known as S-tog [...] , and in the Czech Republic as Esko or S-lines.
  • Despite being a Japanese-borrowed form, Class 1 verbs still exhibit Hachijō-style euphony as in the participle form; for example, the Japanese-style past form of "togowa" "to grind, polish" (stem "tog-") is "toNda", not "toida".

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