Übersetzung für 'toggles' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a toggle | toggles
VERB   to toggle | toggled | toggled
toggling | toggles
sth. toggles etw. schaltet hin und her [zwischen zwei Zuständen]
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Übersetzung für 'toggles' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sth. toggles
etw. schaltet hin und her [zwischen zwei Zuständen]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "The Washington Post" called the song "a love song that opens as a quiet shuffle, then gently toggles the soft-loud-dynamics switch before a pealing 12-second guitar break erupts violently and without warning just past the two-minute mark before fading out -- an unexpected moment of brilliance".
  • Modern phones with an integrated circuit based DTMF generator can frequently be modified by simply soldering a wire from the 1633 Hz leg to a switch that toggles between that leg and the 1477 Hz leg for the rightmost column of keys.
  • When viewing in on-screen mode the stats displayed are controlled by the user using single letter toggles.
  • It toggles between entering Korean (Hangul) and English (ISO basic Latin alphabet).
  • When the player toggles the bomb, they are shown an animation of the bomb bouncing along the lake and hitting (or not hitting) the target dam.

  • The lagometer can be visible either by pressing Shift + F3, which toggles visibility, or through the use of mods such as OptiFine.
  • Toggles are horizontal cross pieces that run between the stiles or studs.
  • Generally all HID or consumer grade USB peripherals are exempt, but more exotic devices like tablets, or digitisers or USB toggles require manual addition to the white list table of the KVM.
  • ] toggles between three settings: aim, speed, and English (adding spin by hitting the cue ball in different locations).
  • All standing rigging is 6 x 19 stainless steel, as well as all turnbuckles and toggles.

  • A long line stretched between two moribund abandoned in a vacuum, toggles this head in the nocturnal strangeness of the world.
  • 3D Touch capabilities have been added to several toggles.
  • Feature groups consist of feature toggles that work together. This allows the developer to easily manage a set of related toggles.
  • Tagging guns which use plastic toggles to attach price tags to clothing are still known as "Kimball guns" (or the corruption, "kimble guns"), although the tags now use bar codes.
  • It also offered multilingual music stores and customer support, with toggles between English and French in the Canadian music store, and a separate Latin music store (featuring Spanish and English toggles) tailored to the Latino population in the United States.

  • His coaches had to modify the steering and seat systems, and had to change the electronic controls from toggles to buttons to accommodate the weakening of his fingers.
  • The net was attached by wooden toggles to a canvas band sewn directly onto the envelope, and the frame was attached to the net by further toggles.
  • Upon clock rising edge, bit 1 toggles if bit 0 is logic high; bit 2 toggles if bits 0 and 1 are both high; bit 3 toggles if bits 2, 1, and 0 are all high.
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