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NOUN   a tone of green | tones of green
tones of greenGrüntöne {pl}
green tonesGrüntöne {pl}
tones of blue
Blautöne {pl}
tones of brownBrauntöne {pl}
tones of redRottöne {pl}
chord of five tones
Fünfklang {m}
hearing of pure tones
Reintongehör {n}
tones of grey [Br.]Grautöne {pl}
tones of gray [Am.]Grautöne {pl}
Metastation of Abandoned Tones [Lubo Kristek]
Metastation der zurückgelassenen Töne
tonesTöne {pl}
brown tonesBrauntöne {pl}
ring tones
Klingeltöne {pl}
heart tones
Herztöne {pl}
blue tonesBlautöne {pl}
natural tonesNaturtöne {pl}
ringing tonesKlingeltöne {pl}
yellow tonesGelbtöne {pl}
flesh tones
Inkarnat {n}
red tonesRottöne {pl}
psalm tones
Psalmtöne {pl}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • They were delivered in two tones of green. Later yellow safety bands were added across their fronts to increase visibility.
  • The turf undertook its most recent renovations in the spring of 2020. The turf was removed and replaced with new, alternating tones of green and purple end zones.
  • Japanese Maple: Growing anywhere between 8 and 30 feet tall, the Japanese Maple is known for its radiantly beautiful color changes throughout the seasons—ranging from earthier tones of green and brown to warmer colors of red and orange.
  • Most taxa vary in color and color pattern, and are more commonly found in tones of green, often infused with yellow or coppery highlights.
  • Her body is depicted using tones of green and ochre.

  • The attire is colorful with earthy tones of green, red and yellow. The dancers wear sarees that fall just below the knee. Their necks are adorned with tribal ornaments.
  • Above the height of the side aisles are taller paired round arched openings aligned with the lower windows, but glazed with two tones of green leadlighting.
  • Govaerts continued and developed further on the 16th-century landscape formula that divided space into receding planes, distinguished by color: earth tones and ochres for the first plane, various tones of green for the middle ground and blue tones for the last, distant plane.
  • The color of rock lizards varies from different tones of green to sand.
  • There were two goalkeeper kits; the home version was in three tones of green; the other kit was mostly black with a yellow and white chest panel.

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