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NOUN   a tonfa | tonfas
Tonfa {m} [Schlagstock mit Quergriff]
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Übersetzung für 'tonfa' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Tonfa {m} [Schlagstock mit Quergriff]weapons
  • Tonfa {m} [Schlagstock mit Quergriff] = tonfa
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  • The traditional tonfa is retained, however, as its techniques can be applied to the T-baton used in law enforcement.
  • They are derived from the tonfa, an Okinawan kobudō weapon, and are used with a similar technique (although tonfa are usually used in pairs, whereas side-handle batons are not).
  • Kenkojuku karate also includes both traditional Okinawan (Bō, tonfa, sai, nunchaku) and Japanese weapons training, also known as kobudo.
  • Armor: Sin of Friday resembles a tonfa.
  • A playful cat-like Death Commando armed with tonfa, Basky was sent to kill Riser Kageri due to being able move faster than her.

  • In his later appearances in the 2004 film, he wields a pair of tonfa-style swords along with several other daggers strapped to his suit.
  • The "tonfa" may have originated as the handle of a millstone used for grinding grain.
  • Higa was one of the first to codify a system of kata and techniques. His contributions live on in several weapon katas, especially for tonfa, sai, and bō.
  • Ryo takes a pair of tonfa with him. After a long and brutal duel where Narushima is almost killed, Sugawara is hit in the back of the neck and was hospitalized.
  • There are also three retrievable weapons in the game, a tonfa, a piece of lumber and a knife.

  • Officers carry Walther P99 firearms as well as additional tools equipment such as handcuffs, pepperspray, a flashlight and a tonfa.
  • The members of the special unit JEG are also equipped with protective shields and helmets in addition to the tonfa baton, in order to be able to take additional protection when necessary.
  • Another peculiarity is that the handling of Kobudō weapons such as "bo", "tonfa" or "sai" is also very practiced.
  • Un uses a pair of tonfa like weapons to channel his energy into to make more concentrated and deadly attacks.
  • "Kobudō" weapons included were the sai, bo, and tonfa.

  • The figure itself includes a katana, tonfa, and two shoulder armored pads; this outfit was replicated for the movie.
  • For instance, a character with "Weapons" can take K-Bar knife and tonfa baton and a character with "Shooting" can take Walther PPK pistol and Hecker & Koch MP5 submachine gun.
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