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SYNO also | as well | besides | ...
too {adv} [in addition, also]auch
too {adv} [excessively] [preceding adjective or adverb]zu [allzu] [vor Adjektiv oder Adverb]
too {adv} [excessively]allzu
too {adv} [as well, also]ebenfalls
too {adv} [Am. coll.: certainly]doch
too {adv} [moreover]überdies
ungeprüft too-... [attr.] [e.g. in "a too-long story"]zu ... [mit attributivem Adjektiv]
2 Wörter: Andere
all too {adv}allzu
almost toofast zu
Are too! [coll.]Bist du doch! [ugs.]
far too {adv}allzu
far too {adv}viel zu
here, too, ...auch hier ...
Me too.Ich auch.
none too {adv} [not very]nicht allzu
Too bad!So ein Pech!
Too bad.Schade.
Too bad.Was für ein Pech.
Too bad.Was für ein Jammer.
ungeprüft too clever {adj}überwitzig [pej.]
too conservatively {adv} [level of aggression in racing]
zu dosiert [ugs.]
too detailed {adj}zu sehr in Einzelheiten gehend
too distant {adj}zu weit entfernt
too early {adv}zu früh
too earlyallzu früh
Too easy. [coll.] [Aus.]Kein Problem. [als Erwiderung auf eine Bitte]
too economical {adj}zu sparsam
too expensive {adj}zu teuer
too expensive {adj}geschmalzen [ugs.] [zu teuer]
too large {adj}überweit
too late {adv} <2L8>zu spät
too little {adj} {adv}zu wenig
too little {adj} {adv}zuwenig [alt]
too livelyzu lebendig
too long {adv}zu lange
too long {adv}allzu lang
too long {adv}allzu lange
too long {adv}allzulang [alt]
too long {adv}allzulange [alt]
too loud {adj} {adv}überlaut
too loudly {adv}überlaut
too much {adj} {adv}zu viel
too much {adj} {adv}allzu viel
too muchallzu gern
too muchallzu sehr
too much {adv}zuviel [alt]
too muchallzuviel [alt]
too much {adv}zu arg [regional] [zu sehr]
too noisy {adj}überlaut
too often {adv}zu oft
Too right! [coll.]Allerdings! [ugs.]
Too right! [coll.]Das kannst du laut sagen! [ugs.] [Redewendung]
too simplistic {adj}zu stark vereinfacht
too soon {adv}zu früh
too soon {adv}vorschnell
too sweet {adj}übersüß
too thick {adj}zu dick
too vague {adj}zu ungenau
too willingly {adv}allzu gern
too-too {adj} [coll.]affig [ugs.]
way too {adv} [coll.] [esp. Am.]viel zu
You too.Gleichfalls.
3 Wörter: Andere
(too) wide-awake {adj} [sleep deprivation]überwach [Schlafmangel]
[it's] too late for [+ verb-derived noun] [e.g. turning back] [es ist] zu spät zum [+ substantiviertes Verb] [z. B. Umkehren]
a tad too ... {adv} [e.g. big] [coll.]eine Spur zu ... [z. B. groß]
About time (too)!
Das wird aber auch Zeit! [ugs.]
About time too!
Wird auch Zeit!
all too delicate {adj}viel zu zart
all too easily {adv}nur allzu leicht
all too easily {adv}allzuleicht [alt]
all too fast {adj} {adv}viel zu schnell
all too frequentallzu häufig
all too frequent {adj}allzuhäufig [alt]
all too human {adj}allzu menschlich
all too much {adv}allzu sehr
all too much {adv}allzusehr [alt]
all too often {adv}allzu oft
all too rarely {adv}viel zu selten
all too smallviel zu klein
all too soon {adv}allzu bald
all too soon {adv}viel zu bald
all too soon {adv}allzubald [alt]
all-too-fleeting {adj}kurzlebig
all-too-human {adj}allzumenschlich
all-too-sober {adj} [expression, view of life]allzu nüchtern [sachlich]
almost too goodfast zu gut
almost too late {adv}fast zu spät
almost too shortfast zu kurz
considerably too long {adj}erheblich zu lang
considerably too long {adv}erheblich zu lange
far too big {adj} [often postpos.]viel zu groß
far too early {adv}allzu früh
far too few {pron} {adj}viel zu wenige
far too little {adj}viel zu wenig
far too muchviel zu viel
for too long {adv}zu lange
It's too late.Das Boot ist abgefahren. [fig.]
It's too late.Der Zug ist abgefahren. [Redewendung]
line too longZeile zu lang
much too bigviel zu groß
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Übersetzung für 'too' von Englisch nach Deutsch

too {adv} [in addition, also]
too {adv} [excessively] [preceding adjective or adverb]
zu [allzu] [vor Adjektiv oder Adverb]
too {adv} [excessively]
too {adv} [as well, also]
too {adv} [Am. coll.: certainly]
too {adv} [moreover]
too-... [attr.] [e.g. in "a too-long story"]
ungeprüft zu ... [mit attributivem Adjektiv]

all too {adv}
almost too
fast zu
Are too! [coll.]
Bist du doch! [ugs.]
far too {adv}

viel zu
here, too, ...
auch hier ...
Me too.
Ich auch.
none too {adv} [not very]
nicht allzu
Too bad!
So ein Pech!
Too bad.

Was für ein Pech.

Was für ein Jammer.
too clever {adj}
ungeprüft überwitzig [pej.]
too conservatively {adv} [level of aggression in racing]
zu dosiert [ugs.]sports
too detailed {adj}
zu sehr in Einzelheiten gehend
too distant {adj}
zu weit entfernt
too early {adv}
zu früh
too early
allzu früh
Too easy. [coll.] [Aus.]
Kein Problem. [als Erwiderung auf eine Bitte]
too economical {adj}
zu sparsam
too expensive {adj}
zu teuer

geschmalzen [ugs.] [zu teuer]
too large {adj}
too late {adv} <2L8>
zu spät
too little {adj} {adv}
zu wenig

zuwenig [alt]
too lively
zu lebendig
too long {adv}
zu lange

allzu lang

allzu lange

allzulang [alt]

allzulange [alt]
too loud {adj} {adv}
too loudly {adv}
too much {adj} {adv}
zu viel

allzu viel
too much
allzu gern

allzu sehr

allzuviel [alt]
too much {adv}
zuviel [alt]

zu arg [regional] [zu sehr]
too noisy {adj}
too often {adv}
zu oft
Too right! [coll.]
Allerdings! [ugs.]

Das kannst du laut sagen! [ugs.] [Redewendung]
too simplistic {adj}
zu stark vereinfacht
too soon {adv}
zu früh

too sweet {adj}
too thick {adj}
zu dick
too vague {adj}
zu ungenau
too willingly {adv}
allzu gern
too-too {adj} [coll.]
affig [ugs.]
way too {adv} [coll.] [esp. Am.]
viel zu
You too.

(too) wide-awake {adj} [sleep deprivation]
überwach [Schlafmangel]
[it's] too late for [+ verb-derived noun] [e.g. turning back]
[es ist] zu spät zum [+ substantiviertes Verb] [z. B. Umkehren]
a tad too ... {adv} [e.g. big] [coll.]
eine Spur zu ... [z. B. groß]
About time (too)!
Das wird aber auch Zeit! [ugs.]idiom
About time too!
Wird auch Zeit!idiom
all too delicate {adj}
viel zu zart
all too easily {adv}
nur allzu leicht

allzuleicht [alt]
all too fast {adj} {adv}
viel zu schnell
all too frequent
allzu häufig
all too frequent {adj}
allzuhäufig [alt]
all too human {adj}
allzu menschlich
all too much {adv}
allzu sehr

allzusehr [alt]
all too often {adv}
allzu oft
all too rarely {adv}
viel zu selten
all too small
viel zu klein
all too soon {adv}
allzu bald

viel zu bald

allzubald [alt]
all-too-fleeting {adj}
all-too-human {adj}
all-too-sober {adj} [expression, view of life]
allzu nüchtern [sachlich]
almost too good
fast zu gut
almost too late {adv}
fast zu spät
almost too short
fast zu kurz
considerably too long {adj}
erheblich zu lang
considerably too long {adv}
erheblich zu lange
far too big {adj} [often postpos.]
viel zu groß
far too early {adv}
allzu früh
far too few {pron} {adj}
viel zu wenige
far too little {adj}
viel zu wenig
far too much
viel zu viel
for too long {adv}
zu lange
It's too late.
Das Boot ist abgefahren. [fig.]

Der Zug ist abgefahren. [Redewendung]
line too long
Zeile zu lang
much too big
viel zu groß
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In an interview at the aftershow party of the Eurovision Song Contest, Lou was asked why she did not reach a better position. She answered that she was “too old, too fat and too ugly”.
  • The patients' nails may be too thick, too brittle, too bent or have different colors, their hair also appear mottled, sparse and other abnormalities.
  • The panelists are far more likely to be too fast than too slow.
  • Similarly, the alien will detect if the water level is too high or low, and it will flash green (too high, drowning) or orange (too low, thirsty) to indicate this.
  • The triples are too many and too large to have been obtained by brute force.
  • "There are too many subdivisions among us, too many contradictions, too much infighting among ourselves, incredible suspicion and mistrust of one another," Gono said.
  • For political and business leaders, public apologies involve some risks. An apology that is "too little, too late, or too transparently tactical" can backfire and result in more damage.
  • In August 2016, Too Too faced Quebecer fighter Dave Leduc at the "1st Myanmar Lethwei World Championship".
  • For a very large and complex security camera system, there may be too many cameras, too much network bandwidth, too much data to be analyzed, or too much storage required for a single server device to handle the workload.
  • Static mixers are used when a mixing tank would be too large, too slow, or too expensive to use in a given process.
  • The Bhagavad Gita includes verses on ‘‘mitahara’’ in Chapter 6. It states in verse 6.16 that a yogi must neither eat too much nor too little, neither sleep too much nor too little.
  • Mick LaSalle of the "San Francisco Chronicle" have criticized the director for being "too talented, too authentic and too original to make a flat-out bad movie, but he flirts with it in "Go for Sisters".
  • In that too time, Tattoo (husband) compels to the wife, Lily that it too took a stick of golf in hands and let it too went to kill other couples.
  • "Oh-The-Horror.com" wrote a generally negative review: "For what little it has going for it, "Scream" is just entirely too slow, too dull, and too vague".
  • All other satellites of Uranus are too small or too distant to produce an umbra.
  • The film is a journey into invisible worlds that are too slow, too fast, too small and too vast for the human eye to see.
  • "The Observer" had trouble with the reality of the story but thought "the scenery is impressive and the tents... are interesting." "Too bright, too clean, too polished", wrote "The Times".
  • The most common cause of cardiac syncope is cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) wherein the heart beats too slowly, too rapidly, or too irregularly to pump enough blood to the brain.
  • Hound-type head. Narrow, light too short, long, coarse or excessively molossoid head; excessively broad skull, (lack of stop, too little stop or too strong stop). Very deep frontal groove.
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