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NOUN   toponymy | -
SYNO toponomy | toponymy
toponymy [place names of a region] Toponymie {f} [Ortsnamenbestand eines bestimmten Gebiets]
toponymy [study of the place names]Toponymik {f}
toponymy [study of the place names]Toponomastik {f}
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  • In a more specific sense, the term "toponymy" refers to an inventory of toponyms, while the discipline researching such names is referred to as "toponymics" or "toponomastics".
  • The name appears in the corpus of Gaulish toponymy.
  • Water is also present in the toponymy: there is the water source called "Font des Petits" and a marshy area called La Palud.
  • The 2005's rename to "Partizanskaya" has been mentioned in the open letter of a resigning Moscow's toponymy commission member, as one of a number of then-recent renames with political causes rather than the historical toponymy upholding ones.
  • Besides epigraphic evidence, an important source of information on early Celtic is toponymy (place names).

  • In the southwest the toponymy has more similarities with Mordovic and Proto-Finnic, while in the southeast toponymy has similarities with Meryan toponymy.
  • The suffix -shat (also transliterated as -šat) is found in Armenian toponymy.
  • The word has also been reduced to a frequent suffix "-ach" in Alemannic and Austro-Bavarian toponymy.
  • Charles Rostaing (9 October 1904 – 24 April 1999) was a French linguist who specialised in toponymy.
  • He was one of the organisers of the second "Trends in Toponymy" conference in Ballarat in 2007, and is researching a book on Aboriginal toponymy for the ANU E-Press series.

  • In toponymy, the name Menerdo indicates the presence of a plot of land which may be of Gothic origen.
  • Scottish toponymy derives from the languages of Scotland. The toponymy varies in each region, reflecting the linguistic history of each part of the country.
  • The Commission de toponymie du Québec (English: "Toponymy Commission of Québec") is the Government of Québec's public body responsible for cataloging, preserving, making official and publicize Québec's place names and their origins according to the province's toponymy rules.
  • Following the World War II any trace of Crimean Tatar toponymy was predominantly removed in Crimea and Kherson Oblast.
  • Toponymy is an excellent indicator of the ethnic roots of a region, but we do not have complete studies on the toponymy of Djerba, although the linguist Vermondo Brugnatelli has carried out surveys and partial studies on the toponymy of Djerba.

  • The study of place names is called toponymy; for a more detailed examination of this subject in relation to British and Irish place names, refer to Toponymy in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Albert Dauzat ([...]; 4 July 1877 – 31 October 1955) was a French linguist specializing in toponymy and onomastics.
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