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NOUN   a torus | tori
tori {pl}
Tori {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'tori' von Englisch nach Deutsch

tori {pl}
Tori {pl}spec.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The set of tori bounding the characteristic submanifold can be characterised as the unique (up to isotopy) minimal collection of disjointly embedded incompressible tori such that "closure" of each component of the 3-manifold obtained by cutting along the tori is either atoroidal or Seifert-fibered.
  • In aikido and related martial arts, "tori" executes a defensive technique against a designated attack initiated by "uke".
  • The person performing the technique (tori) pushes his opponent (uke) until uke resists and pushes back.
  • This armlock is executed with Uke on their stomach, while tori has uke's arm trapped with the elbow beneath tori's armpit.
  • In Judo's version, tori lifts uke by lifting with the core and abdomen, and then guides uke to the ground in front of tori.

  • Tori clasps uke's trunk and bridges into uke, causing a forward shift of uke's weight off tori's abdomen.
  • Mandibular tori are usually a clinical finding with no treatment necessary.
  • The two-dimensional complex tori include the abelian surfaces.
  • Uke approaches tori, steps forward with the right foot and raises the right hand as a hammer fist to strike directly on the top of tori's head.
  • Occurrences of tori are more frequent in women than in men.

  • T-duality can be extended from circles to the two-dimensional tori appearing in the decomposition of a K3 surface or to the three-dimensional tori appearing in the decomposition of a six-dimensional Calabi–Yau manifold.
  • For higher dimensions, the notions of complex abelian varieties and complex tori differ: only polarized complex tori come from abelian varieties.
  • , in which "tori" traps and pins "uke" on his back on the floor; [...] , in which "tori" attempts to force a submission by choking or strangling "uke"; and [...] , in which "tori" attempts to submit "uke" by painful manipulation of his joints.
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