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ADJ   toric | more toric | most toric
toric {adj}torisch
toric joint [O-ring]
O-Ring {m}
toric lens
torische Linse {f}
toric lenses
torische Linsen {pl}
toric variety
torische Varietät {f}
toric contact lenses [for astigmatism]
torische Kontaktlinsen {pl} [bei Hornhautverkrümmung]
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  • Many constructions that are performed on toric varieties admit alternate descriptions in terms of the combinatorics and geometry of the moment polytope or its associated toric fan.
  • Singularities of toric varieties give examples of high-dimensional singularities that are easy to resolve explicitly.
  • Spiric sections are a special case of a toric section, and were the first toric sections to be described.
  • The intraocular lenses used in correcting astigmatism have different curvature on two orthogonal axes, as on the surface of a torus, and are called toric lenses.
  • As with other IOLs, PIOLs can be either spheric or toric.

  • The combinatorial mirror duality for Calabi–Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties has been generalized by Lev Borisov in the case of Calabi–Yau complete intersections in Gorenstein toric Fano varieties.
  • In algebraic geometry, a toric stack is a stacky generalization of a toric variety.
  • A toric ideal is an ideal generated by differences of monomials (provided the ideal is a prime ideal).
  • A normal algebraic variety with a torus acting on it in such a way that there is a dense orbit is called a toric variety (for example, orbit closures that are normal are toric varieties).
  • The power of a toric lens can be specified by describing how the cylinder (the meridian that is most different from the spherical power) differs from the spherical power.

  • Integral polytopes are prominently featured in the theory of toric varieties, where they correspond to polarized projective toric varieties.
  • In mathematics, a hypertoric variety or toric hyperkähler variety is a quaternionic analog of a toric variety constructed by applying the hyper-Kähler quotient construction of [...] to a torus acting on a quaternionic vector space.
  • Let [...] a toric Calabi–Yau 3-fold, with Kähler moduli [...].
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