Übersetzung für 'trabeated' von Englisch nach Deutsch
SYNO trabeate | trabeated
trabeated {adj}
mit Flachdecke [aus Horizontalbalken] [nachgestellt]
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Übersetzung für 'trabeated' von Englisch nach Deutsch

trabeated {adj}
mit Flachdecke [aus Horizontalbalken] [nachgestellt]archaeo.archi.
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  • Its palazzo composition is articulated by a rusticated, trabeated base and arcaded loggia under an impressive cornice."
  • It was characterized by severe rectilinear and trabeated forms with a somewhat crude Greek detailing incorporating bold pilasters, Ionic scrolls, Greek key and scroll frets and guilloche.
  • A wide range of farmhouses can be visited, dating from different eras and styles: with a trabeated porch (Gorrondona and Artetxe), with an arcuated porch (Bidetxe), and with a cubic structure (Gabantxo).
  • The grid-like facade, achieved through the application of a scheme of trabeated articulation, makes a statement of rational humanist clarity.
  • The trabeated doorway with its inclined jambs pre-dates the rest of the structure by some 900 years.

  • Under each triglyph are peglike "stagons" or "guttae" (literally: drops) that appear as if they were hammered in from below to stabilize the post-and-beam (trabeated) construction.
  • A noteworthy example of a trabeated system is in Volubilis, from the Roman era, where one side of the Decumanus Maximus is lined with trabeated elements, while the opposite side of the roadway is designed in arched style.
  • addition is ten bays wide, and has the same basic window pattern, but with windows in trabeated brick openings.
  • The upper two levels, which replaced Stombuco's single upper level, abandoned the arched openings of the original for a plainer trabeated construction.
  • The Heritage Victoria citation notes that the former Bank of Australasia is of architectural significance for its use of superimposed trabeated architectural systems and the groupings of pilasters at the corners, creating the impression of a classical three dimensional presence, while only actually decorating two faces.

  • It sits on a rusticated base, and has a crowning cornice and trabeated apertures.
  • The recessed and trabeated main entrance is framed by pilasters on either side.
  • Windows, a main entrance and a secondary entrance on the south side are trabeated with brick.
  • There is also a shed-roofed projection between the south wall and west addition, and two more second story trabeated windows.
  • The symmetrical front façade faces Jefferson Avenue, and is divided into five-bays separated by trabeated windows.

  • It has a rectangular footprint and rows of windows along its two full floors; the first-floor windows are trabeated; the second-floor windows are round-arched.
  • Its windows are all trabeated single-pane double-hung sash with granite lintels and a broad plain surround; all except the center bays on the south are set in slight recesses that rise to an arched top on the third story.
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