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NOUN   a triggering | triggerings
triggering {adj}auslösend
triggering {adj}
triggeringAuslösen {n}
triggeringAuslösung {f}
triggeringAnsteuerung {f}
triggering [e.g. of an action potential]
Auslösbarkeit {f}
triggeringTriggern {n}
2 Wörter
self-triggering {adj}selbststartend
cardiac triggering
Herztriggerung {f}
ECG triggering
EKG-Triggerung {f}
flash triggering
Blitzauslösung {f}
pulse triggering
Pulstriggerung {f}
respiratory triggering
Atemtriggerung {f}
triggering conditions
Auslösebedingungen {pl}
triggering incidentauslösendes Moment {n}
triggering levelAuslösepegel {m}
triggering point
Triggerpunkt {m}
3 Wörter
cell death-triggering {adj}
minimum triggering levelAuslöseschwelle {f}
4 Wörter
shock wave burst triggering [salvos]
Stoßwellen-Mehrfachauslösung {f}
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  • When that service is consumed, the SOP platform automatically creates and consumes an instance of the associated trigger service with an in-memory copy of the inputs of the triggering service.
  • Many law enforcement agencies have not used #2 as a criterion, resulting in many parental abductions triggering an Amber Alert, where the child is not known or assumed to be at risk of serious injury or death.
  • For remotes that are placed away from the photographer, radio triggering systems such as the Bluetooth shutter button, Pocket Wizards or Flash Wizards are used.
  • The shareholder triggering the clause offers to buy the shares of the others at a specific price per share.
  • Usually, some memory registers (triggering ports) within common address space perform an assigned operation when the instruction references them.
  • When the anticipatory warrant is predicated on a triggering condition, the Fourth Amendment requires that there is probable cause to believe that the triggering condition will occur, and that if it occurs, that there is a fair probability that the contraband will be found at the place to be searched.
  • Pre-triggering is the process by which communities are assessed to be suitable for CLTS intervention.
  • Knox resigns, triggering a by-election.
  • White resigns, triggering a by-election.
  • The triggering events in the example above can be anything.
  • In 1973, Tom Oberheim, who was an ARP dealer, produced a kit that converted the keyboard into a duo-phonic keyboard capable of triggering two different oscillators simultaneously.
  • At this point, the user sets the analyzer to "run" mode, either triggering once, or repeatedly triggering.
  • Smoldering cigarette filters have also been blamed for triggering fires from residential areas to major wildfires and bushfires which has caused major property damage and also death as well as disruption to services by triggering alarms and warning systems.
  • Broadly speaking, there are two ways of genetically engineering plants to confer resistance to viruses: triggering resistance through the expression of genomic sequences derived from the target virus itself (called pathogen-derived resistance) or triggering resistance through the expression of non-viral genes that possess antiviral activity.
  • The George design was a 'Classical Super' prototype with a binary triggering device using radiation implosion upon a cylinder.
  • Each upgrade resulted in wider bandwidth and better triggering.
  • You specify the triggering event in terms of triggering statements, and the item they act on.
  • Most oscilloscope vendors offer oscilloscope-based triggering and protocol decoding for SPI.
  • Carr also resigned his parliamentary seat, triggering the by-election.
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