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NOUN   a troublemaker | troublemakers
SYNO bad hat | mischief-maker | trouble maker | ...
troublemakerUnruhestifter {m}
troublemakerQuerulant {m}
troublemakerStörenfried {m}
troublemakerStänkerer {m} [ugs.]
troublemakerProblemstifter {m} [selten] [Unruhestifter]
troublemakerQuertreiber {m} [fig.]
troublemakerAufrührler {m}
troublemakerGiftmischer {m} [fig.]
troublemakerBrunnenvergifter {m} [fig.]
troublemaker [female]Giftmischerin {f} [fig.]
troublemaker [female]
Störenfriedin {f} [ugs.] [selten]
2 Wörter
noisy troublemakerSchreihals {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [Unruhestifter]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In the end, and partly as the consequence of some unusual changes to Hell itself, Carpenter not so much escapes as that he is shown the door for being a troublemaker.
  • A small-town troublemaker (Alessandro Nivola), directionless and alienated, ends up spending a night in a jail cell, where he and the police chief (William Sadler) engage in a battle of wills and wit.
  • The third member of Kenichi's trio known as "Chobi". He is a short troublemaker who is good at soccer in school.
  • Wind-up merchant Elliot is the ginger troublemaker of the family.
  • Additionally, Paul Gleason, who originated the role of troublemaker Lee Carothers, would go on to greater fame as high school principal Richard Vernon in the 1985 film "The Breakfast Club".
  • Ryan O'Reily is a main character in the television series "Oz". while "USA Today" labels him as "Oz's resident troublemaker".
  • Bricriu (also Briccriu, Bricne) is a hospitaller ("briugu"), troublemaker and poet in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
  • At the end of the campaign, Carcasan was killed by Troglita himself. As for Antalas, he submitted to Jean and is not mentioned again as a troublemaker.
  • Her critics labeled her a troublemaker and accused her of looking backward as conditions improved for black Bermudians.
  • Rebecca doesn't get on with many people, primarily Justine. She is quite a troublemaker, and likes to stir things up.
  • Both feature Latino-Anglo couples, with a sweet troublemaker wife.
  • He tries to disparage Potapov as a "troublemaker" and attempts to cover up the scandal.
  • Once a hedonistic womaniser and troublemaker in the third and fourth series of "Skins", Cook was last seen - presumably - murdering his friend's killer in a revenge attack.
  • After acquiring a reputation for being a troublemaker, he took up freelance journalism, writing for various progressive newspapers. He moved to Johannesburg in 1940.
  • Although Morgan played with distinction for Houston, the Astros wanted more power in their lineup. Additionally, manager Harry Walker considered Morgan a troublemaker.
  • Moiz's sister who marries Ayesha's brother. She is the principal troublemaker, even worse than her mother. She is adamant that her son marry Noor, but Noor declines.
  • He was also known as a troublemaker. He graduated from North Henderson High School in 1997.
  • Perrier came to conclude that Jacques Lacan was "a troublemaker of genius"; and that his followers were "travellers in the realm of 'Translacania'", as he would call it.
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