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NOUN   a twang | twangs
SYNO nasal twang | twang
to twangklingen
to twang [pluck strings­ of an instrument]
to twangnäseln
to twangschwirren
to twangscharf klingen
twang [of voice]Näseln {n}
twangnäselnde Aussprache {f}
2 Wörter
to twang sb.'s nerves [coll.]an jds. Nerven zerren
(nasal) twangNäseln {n}
Southern twang
(näselnder) Südstaatler-Tonfall {m} [USA]
4 Wörter
to speak with a twangnäseln
to speak with a twangmit näselndem Tonfall sprechen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Surfcaster guitar is typically known for its twang and was originally targeted to the Surf Rock and Country music guitar player.
  • Their soft chattering sound is much like "twang" "twang".
  • Musically, "Taylor Swift" incorporates country music elements, including twang vocal delivery and acoustic instruments such as fiddles, guitars, and banjos.
  • Lauderdale is a long-time resident of Nashville, Tennessee. He played in Miller's band in the active twang music scene that was evolving at the time.
  • In September 2010, the station's format shifted from pure classic rock to classic rock plus some country music, branded as "The Renegade, rock with a twang".

  • "Victoria Day" has a vintage 1950s sound, combining dixieland with "high lonesome twang". "Seasoned Lovers", from "Victoria Day", features vocals from Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith.
  • The people in Craigellachie are known as Craigellach’s, and have a distinct accent known as the Ellachie twang.
  • Twang is an onomatopoeia originally used to describe the sound of a vibrating bow string after the arrow is released.
  • "Spin" said the song, "swaggers into the party like a drunken junior accountant in a Hermits T-shirt, slinging British-invasion guitar twang, Swingin' Sixties orchestral charts, and hostile-work environment double entendres ("I'm pushin' for a raise")".
  • The "shimmering twang-pop melodies and gorgeous harmonies" drew comparisons to the late 1960s' Laurel Canyon country-rock of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Gram Parsons as well as to contemporaries Elephant 6.

  • The band's music has been described as rock with folk, blues and country influences, although the band actively rebels against the country tag, stating "We’re proud not to sing with a twang".
  • The character appears in the 2018 "Woody Woodpecker" series voiced by Scott Weil. Andy also has a more mature voice with a Southern twang in this series.
  • Although home to a large, diverse collection of heritages and cultures, the distinctive traits of the Ottawa Valley Twang are arguably in decline.
  • Spoke with an Old West twang.
  • On the track "Twang Bar King", from the album of the same title, he uses the "twang bar" in a particularly over the top way, effectively resulting in a parody of his own style and vibrato arm use in general.

  • Leon drawls out her snippy lines in that nasal twang described as 'cute.'" Photographers considered her photograph a "bestseller" in 1913.
  • Adams's clipped New Hampshire twang and calls for frugality made him a virtual poster boy for Republican balanced budget values of the time.
  • The EP's sound was noted as "reverb-soaked guitars and emotive vocals with a distinct twang."
  • "Bhūta" is a Sanskrit term that carries the connotations of "past" and "being" Furthermore "bhootas" cast no shadows, and speak with a nasal twang.
  • In the 1990s, Kansas produced some bands that found regional and national success taking the predominant grunge aesthetic and adding a rockabilly or country music twang, a style sometimes grouped into Alternative country.

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