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ADJ   twee | more twee | most twee
SYNO dainty | mincing | niminy-piminy | ...
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
niedlich [hier pej.] [auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise 'goldig']
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [sweet or cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
putzig [ugs.] [hier pej.] [possierlich auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise]
twee {adj} [Br.] [manner]geziert
twee {adj} [Br.] [expression]gekünstelt
twee {adj} [Br.] [description]verniedlichend
twee {adj} [Br.] [words]zuckersüß
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  • The Langkloof is a 160 km long valley in South Africa, lying between Herold, a small village northeast of George, and The Heights - just beyond Twee Riviere.
  • The calls include a sharp "twee-twee-twee" (duet call) sometimes leading to a trill of several notes, a nasal "ki-yeew" and repeated "su-sie" calls.
  • This yell is usually recited in a twee accent, also parodying the college's English heritage.
  • AllMusic says that twee pop is "perhaps best likened to bubblegum indie rock – it's music with a spirit of D.I.Y.
  • Pearly Gatecrashers were a twee pop band from Sydney, Australia.

  • Together with La Buena Vida it was one of the main exponents of "Donosti Sound", a style similar to twee pop.
  • What is thought to be the bronze-tailed plumeleteer's song is "a soft, nasal, scratchy, trilled phrase, "ter-twee-ee-ee-ee-ee....ter-twee-ee-ee..."
  • All Girl Summer Fun Band is an American, Portland based twee-pop band, initially composed of Kim Baxter, Kathy Foster, Jen Sbragia, and Ari Douangpanya.
  • Labrador Records is a Sweden-based record label, specializing in indie pop and the twee subgenre.
  • "Kirkus Reviews", reviewing "Violent Outbursts", wrote "Insouciant, twee, and aphoristic, Rutkowski’s voice handily skewers stupidity".

  • The black-necked weaver feeds on insects and vegetable matter. The calls of this bird include a wheezing "dew-dew-twee" .
  • DTV (Allen Weerbaar De Twee Vijfjarige) is a Dutch korfball club located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Aberdeen was an American twee pop group.
  • The R's, (formally The Record's) are a pop/twee band from Brescia, Italy.
  • In "Plan B" magazine in 2008 the influential British music critic Everett True described the band as "so twee they were beyond twee".

  • In his song "Faith and Fear in Flushing Meadows", twee/folk artist Harry Breitner makes mention of Ray Knight and Mookie Wilson.
  • They have been associated with the genre of twee pop; in fact, they are considered to be one of the true pioneers of the American twee pop movement.
  • The white-cheeked honeyeater has a distinctive yapping call "chwikup, chwikup"; a melodious "chippy-choo, chippy-choo" and a higher, repeated lilting "twee-ee-twee-ee" call given in display song-flight during the breeding season.
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