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NOUN   tzitzit | tzitzits
Schaufäden {pl} [Zizit oder Zizijot, auch Zipfelquasten]
Zizit {f} [Quaste des Tallit, im pl. auch der Tallit Katan als Ganzes]
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  • While much of traditional Christianity has not considered Torah commands such as tzitzit applicable to Christians, there are Torah-submissive Christians who wear tzitzit.
  • Nonetheless, this method is utilized in many instances, for example: Deuteronomy 22:11 forbids the wearing of shaatnez (a specific mixture of wool and linen), while 22:12 commands the wearing of tzitzit.
  • According to the biblical commandment, a blue thread ("petil tekhelet") is included in the tzitzit.
  • In this case, before the tallit is placed on a body for burial, one of its sets of fringes ("tzitzit") is cut to demonstrate that the person is no longer bound by the religious obligations of the living.
  • In the continuation of the reading, Moses instructed that one was to make tassels ("tzitzit") on the four corners of the garment with which one covered oneself.

  • The dress code had called for girls to wear blouses with sleeves and skirts below their knees, while boys were to wear pants, collared shirts, kipot and tzitzit.
  • Part of the slit hem in the back of the frock coat is rounded so as to not require tzitzit.
  • At some point following the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, the identity of the source of the dye was lost, and since then Jews have only worn "tzitzit" without "tekhelet".
  • He opposed the Radzyner rebbe's suggestion that cuttlefish are the source of techelet for tzitzit.
  • Zilberman was one of the first rabbis to promote the usage of "tekhelet", and encouraged his students and family to make use of the dye in their "tzitzit".

  • Since "tzitzit" are considered to be a time-bound commandment, only men are required to wear them.
  • At Mincha services tzitzit and tefilin are worn, with proper blessings prior to donning them.
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